Basic Ilian Grammar
(Work in Progress)
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1.) Word and Phrase Order

Ilian is classically an S-O-V language. Due to the highly declined nature of most words, however,  word order is actually fairly free, but verbs are generally in the final position of clauses, whether main or subordinate.
For example:
Mé magasynelre dyk.
1.SG  store-DEF-DAT  go-PST
I went to the store. (general)

Magasynelre mé dyk.
I went to the store. (emphasis on having gone to the store.)

Subordinate Clauses

Subordinate clauses are set off by the particle and generally follow the main clauses they modify, with some exceptions.

Mé magasynelre dyk, dá mé ljákemá aqattacek.
1.SG store-DEF-DAT go-PST | that 1.SG milk-GEN purchase-ACC-make-PST
I went to the store to buy milk (and I bought it).
lit: I went to the store so that I could buy milk. (And I did buy milk.)