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Overmare Studios is creating a game for Fallout Equestria.

I've used the language construction kit and researched some linguistics for several years, though I mostly created small phrase sets or ciphers.

I figure on trying to make a full language for the zebra empire and submit it for Overmare Studios to use in their game.

If that goes well, I'd like to develop this idea I've had for a while, which is to create a writing system, either for english or a new language, that is in a form similar to magic circles, with words being a magic circle, and then different words connected based on the relation of the words, i.e. an adjective would attach to the noun it is describing.

So, for the zebra language, so far I have determined the basic sounds, though I'm still going through the original material (a very, very long book.), so I may update this later.

I'm I'm developing a syllabary, a sizable one (192 symbols, currently under development), though it isn't a perfect syllabary as few symbols are just a consonant or pair of consonants. Of course, the vowels also have symbols, but used mostly for combining multiple vowels into a single sound.

The syllables are generally consonant/vowel pairs. I have most consonants come before the vowel, but some come after, including a couple that are exclusively after.

Voiced consonant symbols are simply modifed unvoiced consonants. (Voiced; V is the voiced version of the consonant F.)

W and H symbols are just the consonant.

The consonants with a vowel after are,
s (z)
sh (zh)
th (th) [the first is like in 'bath' while the second is like in 'lathe']
f (v)
t (d)
k (g)
p (b)
ch (j)

Then the consonants after a vowel (there is overlap with above list)
s (z)
sh (zh)
f (v)
k (g)
th (th)

The vowels are
ii (like keep and leak)
i (like wit and lick)
u (like cup and uncle)
uu (like suit and coop)
o (like note and coat)
oo (like cook and soot)
e (like end and bet)
a (like awe and claw)
a- (like cat and back)
aa (like cage and name)

I then added a few multi-consonant syllables,

with vowels before or after

with vowel after

with vowel before

Consonant only symbols,
ks (usually at word endings)