Boreal Phonology and Alphabet
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As you can see there is influence from the Tolkien scripts, for now at least.

Non-final consonants always take vowels. Final consonants can only be N or S, otherwise end in vowels.
Alphabet reads left to right horizontally.
Medial and final vowels are written with diacritics while doubled vowels and initial vowels are written with the corresponding letter seen in the vowel section and a diacritic if applicable. Consonants are doubled with the symbol shown beside the entry for I.
A consonant followed by a long vowel ie "kuu" is written K+diacritic u+vowel U and is one of the only times you will see a vowel letter inside of a word along with the combo of a consonant + vowel + another vowel such as "kua" which would be written in a similar way as K+diacritic u+vowel A.
The language is written with spaces between words.

S/s (s)
Sh/sh (ɕ)
Ch/ch or C/c (t͡ɕ)
H/h (h)
T/t (t)
M/m (m)
N/n (n)
B/b (b)
D/d (d)
R/r (flap)
K/k (k)
G/g (g)

Ǔ/ǔ (ɯ:)
Ị/ı̣ (i:)
É/é (e:)
Â/â (a:)
U/u (ɯ)
I/ı (i)
E/e (e)
A/a (a)