Dictionary of Elbic Greek
A dictionary of the Greek dialect spoken on Elba.
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Word of the Day: alurus
n. cat
alurus, n. cat
as, n. goat
baglia, v. to throw, hurl
biacta, v. to harm, injure.
chiecta, v. to steal
, v. it is necessary, (one) must
divassa, v. to teach, educate
, adj. two
ebista, v. to follow
falasse, n. sea, ocean.
ferus, n. summer
fimus, n. soul, spirit
flassa, v. to keep, maintain, preserve.
già, v. to allow, permit
gioga, v. to hunt.
gla, v. to laugh.
ipus, n. horse
istia, v. to eat
liba, v. to leave (behind)
madana, v. to learn
meglia, v. will, shall.
nüs, n. night
peba, v. to send.
pina, v. to drink.
piusus, -e, -u, adj. rich, wealthy
pola, v. to sell
polis, n. city, town
pra, .
tessaris, adj. four
tris, adj. three
vinus, adj. one

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