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Aʻatun [ˈɑ.ʕɑ.tʉn] is both the home galaxy and official language of the Skaran Empire. The language used aspirated, tenuis, and ejective stops. Speakers aspirated or ejected initial stops and a few other consonants before mid vowels [ᴇ ⱺ]. Eventually, aspirated consonants evolved into, sometimes different, fricatives ([pʰ→f]). Could ejective consonants have become non-ejective ([kʼ→k])? Could [bʰ] have become [ʋ]?

The language treats the character representing [i j] and <ϙ>, which represents [ɑ ʕ], as semivowels. This means certain words, such as Aʻatun, would, logically, have three of the same character in a row in local script. To avoid this, the intervocalic character has a turned comma above it. Thus, Aʻatun is spelled ϙϙ̒tuɤ locally. I will replace <tu> with the local characters when I figure them out. ϙ represents a gavel, and ɤ represents a ram's horn.