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Here's a potential phoneme inventory just to get that over with (all values IPA):

pʼ pʰ b    tʼ tʰ d    tʃʼ  tʃʰ dʒ    kʼ kʰ ɡ
f              s            ʃ                x                h
w                          j
m            n                            ŋ

-voiced stops and fricatives merge intervocalically as voiced fricatives
- /w/ can sometimes be [ʋ] why not?
-ŋ can occur word-initially


ɪ  iː              ʊ  uː
ɛ eː              ɔ oː
æː              ɑ ɑː

-ɛ comes from a merger of older short /ɛ/ and /æ/, maybe this has morphological consequences

Some random words:
yostí [jɔstiː]
mæneŋí [mæːnɛŋiː]
sobosru [sɔvɔsɾʊ]
áfak'  [ɑːvɑkʼ]
wek'né  [wɛkʼneː]

Feel free to edit this heavily if you don't like it, I just wanted to throw something out there.