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Pronouns and object affixes:

I want to run with this object-agreement marking thing, so why not create a set of pronouns so that some but not all of the object-agreement markers can phonetically resemble them?

1sg pat
2sg ŋun
3sg t'o
3sg - Fem t'one

1pl iba
2pl ic'i
3pl ino
3pl-FEM (i)nobe

In this system, one 3rd person pronoun is specifically marked as feminine and used for feminine animate antecedents, and the other pronoun is unmarked and used for all non-animate-feminine antecedents. Basically as if English "it" and "he" were a single pronoun. These are only the nominative stems, and I'll leave it to someone else to decide how different case forms of the pronouns should be formed - maybe there's an oblique stem? A genitive stem for only that case?

I've already coined -d as a 3rd person singular object marker, so let's fill out the rest of the series:

1s -(a)p
2s -(i)ŋ
3s -(i)d
3sF -e
1pl -(a)pi
2pl -(i)ŋi
3pl -(i)n
3plF -(i)ne

Let's coin a couple of verb stems, mæk'o "visit, call upon", and job "work for, be paid by", and a couple of nouns - ebsa "person", yukna, "priestess", roba, "fortune teller", to use as examples:

Wæka (pat) mæk'op
Wæka 1sg visit-1sOBJ
"Wæka visits me"

Wæka (pat) jobap
Wæka 1sg work.for-1sOBJ
"Wæka works for me"

Wæka (ebsu) jobin
Wæka person-NOM.PL work.for-3pOBJ
Wæka works for them

Yukna roba mæk'od
priestess fortune.teller visit-3sOBJ
"A priestess visits a fortune-teller"

Roba yukna mæk'oe
fortune.teller priestess visit-3sOBJF
"A fortune-teller visits a priestess"

Yukna mæk'oŋi
priestess visit-2pOBJ
"A priestess visits you all"

Roba (ic'i) jobiŋi
fortune.teller you.all work.for-2pOBJ
"A fortune teller is in the employ of you all"