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Word of the Day: kaye
adp. during, while; temporal marker.
-ém, aff. 1 genitive marker; 2 of, from.
atu, pn. it, that; something inanimate.
der, adp. to be doing smth; progressive marker.
hayan, pn. self; reflexive pronoun.
hoso, adj. white, light.
kaye, adp. during, while; temporal marker.
koha, adp. 1 then, therefore; 2 after, resulting in.
naa, pn. we, us.
nayam, pn. my, mine (formal).
naŋat, pn. we, us (formal).
ne, pn. i, me.
nem, pn. my, mine.
net, pn. i, me (formal).
no, adp. still, continuously.
nyo, adp. at the time of, when (PT only).
obekaté, adj. 1 medium, average-sized; 2 generic, common.
obekka, adj. largest; gigantic, towering.
okaté , adj. small, little; diminutive.
okka, adj. large, big; augmentative.
raaso, adj. dark, black.
rakko, adj. shiny, reflective; glittering.
ser, adp. 1 because, from; 2 after, then.
sikka, conj. 1 but, however; 2 used to express disagreement or refusal.
taiso, adj. red; orange, pink.
taŋ, adp. 1 using, with (instrumental); 2 by way of.
va, adp. patient marker.
wo, conj. and, also; with (comitative).
ya, adp. locative marker; at, on, near.
yaŋ, adv. 1 ever; 2 never

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