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Long Island Ubghuu is relatively similar to Risha in many respects. There are a few differences:

  • /k/ and /c/ "palatalize" to /ts/
  • Vowel lengthening in Risha corresponds to vowel ~raising in Long Island
  • The famous |ʁ| behaves slightly differently. In particular, it becomes /h/ before a stop instead of affecting the vowel.
  • /h/ meanwhile can occur only before vowels and stops. Elsewhere it deletes and leaves a high-tone long vowel.

Morphophonologically, there are ten vowels:
The "short" vowels: |a e i o u|
The "long" vowels: |ạ ẹ ị ọ ụ|

In normal contexts, the "short" vowels are realized as /ɔ ɛ e ɔ o/. In (most) contexts that in Risha would lengthen vowels, they are "raised" to their "long" values /a e i o u/. The "long" vowels, meanwhile, are invariant.