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p t ʈ c k-q ʔ <p t ṭ c k (q) '>
(b d) <b d> (these are rare and occur only in loanwords)
m n ɳ ɲ ŋ <m n ṇ ñ ŋ>
r <r>
θ s ʂ <th s ṣ>
w l j <w l y>

i ɨ u e o æ a <i ɨ u e o ä a>
ḭ ɨ̰ ṵ ḛ o̰ æ̰ a̰ <ị ɨ̣ ụ ẹ ọ ạ̈ ạ>

There's a suprasegmental rounding/labialization contrast affecting the last syllable of the word, which is represented with a word-final <°>
There's also pitch accent - high <á> and low <à>. Seeing as what appears on first glance to be long vowels are in fact sequences of two identical vowels, like in Rvwang, you can find both VV́ and V́V sequences (/ttáaŋ/ "tree" vs. /sææ̀ŋ/ "to eat").