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Culture forms language, not the other way around. Language is formed from the entrenched metaphors of the culture. This universe focuses on an alternate culture and how language forms around them. Example: What if windchimes were thought to frighten death, until a lethal plague, when entire cities panicked and covered their walls in chimes, leaving the few survivors with traumatic memories of walking the streets, empty of everything and everyone but the sound of chimes?  Perhaps even generations later, abandoned places are described as " having windsong"? Or perhaps foolish superstitious people are laughed at because " ringing a bell out the window will invite death in for dinner "?
What metaphors would evolve from these?

Many thanks to:
jan Misali, for getting me into conlangs
Zompist, for readable linguistics books
Miniature Conlangs, for many good ideas
and bad conlanging ideas, for many bad ideas

Atreskat Karim [placeholder name]