Proto-Søkkli Summary
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Stem format

Stems typically are one or two syllables long.

Word attributes

Number: singular, dual, plural
Gender: 3 genders, marked as simply A, B, and C

Sentence structure

The basic sentence structure is S(I)(O)(X)V, where I is any indirect object, and X is any other arguments added to the verb by applicatives.

Morphosyntactic alignment

The morphosyntactic alignment is nominative-accusative.

Verb marking

The verb receives marking that agrees in person, number, and, if 3rd person, gender for each argument, including arguments added by applicatives.

The verb is marked for perfective or imperfective aspect, for active/middle or passive voice, and for mood.

Noun marking

The noun is marked for case as appropriate for the argument it is filling and for number.

It is also marked in person, number, and if 3rd person, gender for each possessors.


There are no adjectives; the role of adjectives is taken by verbs in relative clauses.