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Retas, v. break through, break open
Riq, n. Imperata cylindrica
Rumaq, n. house
Ruqanay, n. man, male
SabaRat, n. west monsoon
SadiRi, n. housepost
saksak, v. beat, chop
saliw, v. give in exchange
SampaR, n. mat, spread out
saŋa, n. branch
saŋkut, adj. caught on a hook
SapSap, v. grope
sasa, v. collect palm leaves for thatching
saw, v. wash, rinse off, dunk
sek, v. stuff, fill chock full
selsel, v. regret
Semay, n. cooked rice
seŋ, v. stop up
seŋet, n. sharp, stinger
seŋet (2), adj. acrid in smell
sep, v. suck
Sepat, num. four
Si-kan, n. fish, what is eaten with staple
Sika-duSa, adj. second
sikep, v. catch something moving, tight
Siket, v. tie
siksik, v. search through thoroughly (as for lice)
Subun, n. heap, pile
suk, n. go in, through
SulaR, n. snake
suŋsuŋ, v. go against (only in the Philippines and western Indonesia)
suRsuR, v. follow behind
susu, n. breast, teat
t-ama, n. father
t-ama (2), n. father
t-ina, n. mother
t-um-anem, v. plant
t-um-azem, adj. sharp
ta-kub, v. cover over in a cupped way
taktak, v. fall, drop
tamtam, v. smack lips, taste
tan, v. set trap
tas, n. top
taSiq, v. sew
tastas, adj. rent, break thread
tay, n. bridge
telu, num. three
testes, n. rip open
tiaN, n. belly
timbun, n. heap
timuR, n. east monsoon
tiqenaw, adj. clear
tubuq, v. grow, shoot
tuduR, v. sleep
tukup, n. cover
tulaNi, n. bamboo nose flute
tun, n. lead on a rope
tuŋaw, n. kind of mite causing itch
tutu, v. strike
waqwaq, n. channel
witwit, v. swinging to and fro

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