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Kölldrunn The Kölldrunn is a rogue star system ejected from the ESO 510-G13 Galaxy. It wanders deep space, consisting of the single star Alchaille and two planets. The first, for which this universe is named, is Kölldrunn, and the second, it's sister planet, is Wohlodt. In addition to these two planets, the Kölldrunn is privy to a single moon, merceceis, which is approximately 248 Kilometers in diameter, about 1/7th the size of the Earth moon.

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I'm having the same problem as Morrigan. The system doesn't seem to be allowing me to update my avatar. Seems like you're really working hard at this to get everything up and running, Rhetorica. There's no rush. I'm glad that you've decided to do something like this for the conlanging community.

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