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I was thinking seven monophthongs corresponding to the seven notes (8th being a new octave). Diphthongs could easily be represented by two notes together. Of course, that implies that your language has at most triphthongs when "real" music might commonly have a five note chord!

Things like closed or back versions of the standard vowels could be represented by sharps or flats.

That leaves the question of consonants (perhaps syllables would be better?) but I am wondering id it would be possible to represent those through a second melody and/or rhythm. In piano this would be the other hand.

It would be complex to thw point of being unusable and have the dubious concern that simple melodies would contain meanings; on the other hand in regards to the former, it can as I said be auxillary and is better that way really; it need not be useable by humans.

For the latter issue, I have no answers or clear ideas on construction as yet. It would be near impossible to distinguish one melody from another and make sense of it.

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Solresol is in the right vein, although from what j know of it, it's woefully inadequate (still, better than I can manage atm!).

The music aspect is not hugely problematic for me but the "conversion" as such is. "Conversion" in this case meaning that it would, like solresol, hopefully be communicable in music as well as a traditional spoken/written form.

It does not need to be naturalistic, auxillary is fine. Really the less irregularities the better when it comes to music. 
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So I am very new here. I did a lot of phonetics at uni but everything else I will need to finish reading up on (still reading through the kit).

I would like eventually to make a language for a roleplay setting that we are doing for fun but I think I am in over my head at the moment - I need to make a language which converts easily to music, can be written interchangeably with musical notes. Obviously this will require doing a lot of work on the music end too.

Has anyone done this or similar? Any general advice? Apologies w this is a common question.

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