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I didn't realize he spammed everyone so indiscriminately.

Thankfully I already gave him my numbers for my three main conlangs back on ZBB... I hope he doesn't press for undeveloped parent langs and others I haven't touched yet.
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About"What got you interested in world design?"
My big pet project, which I've been working on for upwards of eight years now. In the latter half of those eight years, designing Rahturi became a distinct priority (before then, it was just a "different world" with premodern technology and such).

"What kind of books do you read?"
I don't really read books. I watch movies and TV, and play video games. Most of the books I do read (which aren't very many) are educational.

"What did you study in school?"
I'm studying game development. Recently though I've been thinking it over, as I'm not a fan of the heavy business aspects of the video game industry, and I don't think I'd mentally survive in that world. So I'm probably going to go for linguistics instead because language has always been easy for me; I might also go for a history major.