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alex the andal
The Great Whore That Sitteth Upon Many Waters

agender god

Aquila Ex Machina
I've started the creation of my world while I was playing as a kid, it's almost as old as I am. The creation of languages just came along. I'm studying computer science and love cryptography (old way).
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tiny dragon

Basically, trying to be a conlanger and conworlder with minimal goals or plans, mostly working with stringing together random ideas and 'selecting' those which make most sense
As of 10:30 AM today, I've been living in Luxembourg for two years already. Time flies... 6 days ago
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Physics Student/Amateur Artist

In short, I'm a scientist whose attention wanders incessantly and who's fascinated by languages, cultures, and the such. I like designing banknotes, maps, passports, and the like and tend to come up with countries and languages to have excuses for such. I also like travelling, languages, food, video games, and roller coasters. (Especially roller coasters.)

šar šarrāni

I was first interested in conlanging through Esperanto, world creation through Tolkien, and sci-fi television. Sci-fi and fantasy are my favorite genres. Studied Japanese in school, but no degree.
I mostly like conlanging. I'm a linguistics student.
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Grammatis Qaghan

con quesa
I conlang, study linguistics, write computer programs professionally and for fun, write stories, and dabble in mathematics and graphic art. Inspired in my childhood by the fantasy worldbuildling of Tolkien and Mark Rosenfelder, I've been (slowly, steadily) working on my own conworlding project of Arzhanø. Saimiar is the conlang of mine closest to my heart.
D.C. Perry
As of the moment of this writing, I am reasearching Celtic cultures and languages for use in a future novel of mine.  That's what I want to do with my life: be a novelist.
My interest is actually in all things related to language and culture. I studied anthropology, modern language, and religion in college and I guess, my world hasn't been the same since.

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