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Tarra Tarra is an island on an undefined world. It's the home of the Tautínai and their neighbours. I might also post information on non-Tautisca side projects here.
Lemba Romana
Tautisca Tautisca comprises the current written standard (Librisca), the slightly archaic religious language (Clésisca) and the highly archaic / archaizing language of the epics (Wepisca).

Tarra Stuff

As anyone who looks at Tarra will have noticed, I've started to input the dictionary. As I'm doing this by hand, it will probably take a while, but that's fine, I'm not in a hurry. Later I'll probably enter my other scattered writings about Tarra. Most of them are works in process, but I like the idea and the possibilty offered by anthologica to have them all in one, accessible place. 
I'll start to explore what everybody here has posted and maybe I'll comment, if I've got something useful to say.
Thanks to Nessari for saying "Hi"!
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Just want to see my blog.
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I started reading your blog, very interesting!
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Contrary to what it states in the map, "qu" is used in native German words: quer "across", quälen "torture, excruciate", quietschen "squeak", quieken "squeal", quetschen "crush, squeeze", Quatsch "nonsense", Quark "Cottage cheese" (ok, the last one is ultimately a loan from a West Slavic *tvarg, but it's long gone native).
? hwhatting posts: 90
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Nice site!
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AboutStudied Slavic languages and Historical linguistics, but I'm doing something entirely different for a living. Interested in world- and language-building since  childhood.

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