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Faneuil- Fann(y)el
Farcet- Facet
Faucheux- Foashay
Favre- Farv
Fe(a)therstonhaugh- Fanshaw; also Festonhaw, Feersonhay, Feerstonhaw, and regular.
Fedkiw- Fedko
Fiennes- Fines
Foege- Faygey
Foleshill- Foesill, Fozill
Folkingham- Fockingum
Forster- Farster
Fothergill- Futhergill
Fotheringay- Fungey
Froude- Frude
Fowey- Foy
Frithsden- Frizden
Frome- Frume
Fuchs- Fewsh
Fulghum- Fuljum

Gateacre- Gattacker
Gaultois- Gaultus
Geelong- Jillong
Geertz- Gertz
Geoffrey- Jeffrey
Geog(h)ehan- Gaygen
Gieves- Geeves
Gilingham (Dorset)- Ghillingum
Gilingham (Kent)- Jillingum
Gisborne- Gizbern
Gladstone- Gladsten
Gloucester- Gloster
Glut- Gluet
Godie- Goday
Godmanchester- Gumster
Goethe- Gerta
Goodenough- Goodaknow
Goondiwindi- Gundawindey
Gotham- Goatum
Goudge- Guezh
Greenhalgh- Greenhalj
Greenwich- Grennich
Greysouthen- Graysoon
Groby- Grooby
Groening- Grayning
Grosvenor- Grov(a)nner
Guild- Guiled
Guildford- Gillford
Guisborough- Ghizbra
Gullane- Gillan
Gumeracha- Gummeracka

Happisburgh- Hayzbra
Hardres- Hardz
Harewood- Harwood
Haverholme- Havrum
Hautbois- Hobbis
Haverhill- Havrill
Heather- Heether
Hermione- Hermionee
Herstmonceux- Hersmonzoo, Hersmonsoo
Hessle- Hezzel
Holborn- Hobern (also regular)
Holnicote- Honeycot
Holywell- Hollywell
Home- Hewm
Huger- Uezhay, Uezhey
Hough- Huff
Hougham- Huffum
Houghton- Hoton
Hugh- Hew
Hulme- Hewm
Hunstanton- Hunston (also regular)

Icke- Ike
Ide- Eed
Iosue- Ozway
Isaac- Izeck
Isla- Ila
Isleworth- Izelworth
Isley- Eyesley
Islip- Eyeslip
Issa- Iza
Iwerne- Yewern

Jacques- Jakes
Job- Joab
Jordan (sometimes)- Jerdan

Keadby- Kidby
Kearney- Carney
Keble- Keebel
Kehoe- Kyo
Keighley- Keithley
Keogh- Kyo
Keremeos- Keremeus
Kerr (sometimes)- Car
Keynes- Canes
Keynsham- Kainshum
Kiki (Cuyler)- Kykye
Kiraly- Kirye
Kirkby- Kirby
Kleene- Klainey
Kurow- Kurao

Lalor- Loler, Lawler
Landrieu- Landru
Lange- Lang, Longey (David)
L'Ardoise- Lordways
Lascelles- Lassels
Laughton- Louton
Launceston- Lawnson
Leamington- Lemmington
Leasingham- Lezzingum
LeBeauf- LeBuff, LeBeef
Legare- Luhgree
Leicester- Lester
Leigh- Lye
Leominster- Lemminster
Levin- Luhvin
Lescroart- Leskwar
Leveson- Lewson
Lewes- Lewis
Liskeard- Liskard
Liza (Minelli)- Lyza
Loose- Looz
Loughburough- Lufbra
Lostwithiel- Loswitthial
Ludgvan- Ludjen
Luxulyan- Luxillion (also regular)
Lympne- Lim
Zontas 5 years ago

(Duke) Abercorn- Avverkorn
(David) Acer- Acker
Agassiz- Agghessey
Aigburth- Egburth
(Peter) Agre- Ahgray
Aldeburgh- Awlbruh
Alnwick- Annick
Alnmouth- Allenmuth
Althorp- Awltrop
Altrincham- Awltringum
Alresford- Allzford
Alverdiscott- Allscott
Ameche- Ameechee
Anthony- Antony (rare in North America)
Ardingly- Ardinglye
Aslackby- Azelbee
Aucoin- O'Quann (Kevyn), O'Quinn, O'Coin (Bill), Awkoin
Averham- Errum
Averton Gifford- Awton Jifford
Ayscough- Askew
Ayscoughee- Askafee

Bagehot- Badjet
Baie d'Espoir- Bay Despair
Bakker- Baker
Ballan- Buhlann
Barcaldine- Barkawldin
Barham- Barrum
Barholm- Barrum
Barnoldswick- Barlick
Barugh- Bark
Great Barugh- Great Barf
Little Barugh- Little Barf
Basford- Baysford
Beaconsfield- Beckonsfield
Beauchamp- Beachum
Beauchief- Beechif
Beauclerk- Boakler
Beaudesert- Belzer
Beaulieu- Bewley
Beaminster- Bemminster
Bellingham- Bellinjum
Belvoir- Beaver
Berkeley- Barkley (Commonwealth), Berkley (Elsewhere)
Berkshire- Barkshire
Berwick- Berrick
Bicester- Bister
Bideford- Biddifford
Billericay- Billarickey
Blackley- Blakely
Blenheim- Blennum
Blidworth- Bliderth
Blount- Blunt
Boehner- Bayner
Bohun- Boon
Boisjoly- Boazhalee
Boozman- Boazman
Boroondara- Boorendarra, Borrendarra
Bosham- Bozzum
Boulware- Bowler or expected
(K. C.) Boutiette- Buteeyay
Bowie- Buwee (dialectal)
Bozeat- Boazhet
Bradley- Braydley
Brant Broughton- Brant Bruten
Brewood- Brood
Bridestow- Briddistow
Brisbane- Brizben
(Eli) Broad- Brode
Brougham- Broom
Brough- Bruff
Bryndwr- Brindwer
(Duke) Buccleurch- Buhclue
Bungay- Bunghee
Burgh- Bruff
Buyer- Booyer or expecter
Bylaugh- Beela

Cairns- Karnz
(John) Caius- Keez
Caldmore- Kommer
Cambois- Kammus
Cambridge- Kaymbridge
Canberra- Kanbra, Kanbuhra
Capalaba- Kappallabba
Charleston- Charlaston
Cherwell- Charwell
Cheshunt- Chezzent
Cheylesmore- Charlesmore
Chideok- Chiddock
Cholmondeley- Chumley
Cholmondeston- Chumston
Chop Gate- Chop Yat
Cirencester- Sissitter (rare)
Claughton- Klafton
Claughton On Brock- Klayton
Cleobury- Klibbury
Cley Next The Sea- Klye (also Klay)
Cockburn- Coburn
Cogenhoe- Kuckno
Coleshill- Kozill
Colney- Koney
Congresbury- Kongzbrey
Costessey- Kossey
Cowbit- Kubbit
Cowden- Kowdenn
Cowpen- Kupen
Croxton Kerial- Kroson Kerril
Cruwys- Cruise
Cuckfield- Kookfield
Cudworth- Kooderth

Daventry- Daintry (rare)
De Beauvoir- Da Beaver
Delhi- Delhye
Derby- Darby
Devon (river)- Deeven
Didcot- Didket
Dodworth- Dodderth
Dunham- Dunnum
Durham- Durrum
Dunedin- Duhneden
Dunedoo- Dunnydoo
Dylan- Dillen

Edensor- Enzer
Edenham- Ednum
Elham- Elum
Elsekar- Elsickar
Ely- Eeley
Esher- Eesher
Etobicoke- Ittobeeko
Euxton- Exton
Ewell- Yule
Eyam- Eem
Eynsham- Enshum
Zontas 5 years ago
None of these people are bad voiceovers per se, but my are they in a lot of games with shitty acting, just check out their IMDb and/ or BehindTheVoiceActors pages. Apparently, all of them are based in Tokyo.

Bianca Allen
Dominic Allen
Robert Belgrade
Donna Burke
Tom Clark
Kurt Common
Rob Croker
Greg Dale
Monty DiPietro
Wayne Doster
Ryan Drees
Dennis Falt
Kimberly Forsythe
Michael G
Jeff Gedert
Barry Gjerde
Dennis Gunn
Mark Hagan
Lenne Hardt
Patrick Harlan
Dean Harrington
Lynn Harris
Ron Hirsh
Ruth Hollyman
Monica Horgan
Greg Irwin
Eric Jacobsen
Robert Jefferson
Cara Jones
Eric Kelso
Chris Koprowski
Avi Landau
Colleen Lanki
Paul Lucas
Jeff Manning
Corey Marshall
Brian Matt-Uhl
Scott McCulloch
Jack Merluzzi
Carolyn Miller
Michael Naishtut
Claire O'Connor
Terry Osada
Guy Perryman
Michael Rhys
Walter Roberts
Samuel Rose
Ruth Ann Morizumi
David Schaufele
Ann Slater
Xanthe Smith
Bill Sullivan
Dario Toda
Michael Tsonos
Rumiko Varnes
Peter Von Gomm
Rachel Walzer
Chris Wells
Lisle Wilkerson
Julia Yermakov
Zontas 5 years ago

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I'm not dead yet. I just took a break from linguistics and conlanging to do relax and do schoolwork. So, what's up?

Also, i think my linguistic specialty is with cants and pragmatics.
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We should start making factbooks if we haven't already.
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Note: Technically Uracas was made BEFORE Tartaji but due to unforeseen circumstances described above, i had to re-do the country. Also note Izambri is referring to a post i deleted.

Uracas Take 2:



  The Nomadic Peoples Of Uracas (TNPUS/ Tenpus) formely just Uracas are a group of wayward anoraks who happened to ground themselves in the biting winterland of Uracas, which was mostly inhabited by paramecia, and decided to form their own country. As the name suggests, most do not live in a single space for the entirety of the year in order to follow sunshine and wind patterns.

  Cars, boats, and planes are non-existant and everyone commutes by rail or by bike. Privacy is a limited concept thruout the land, with only washrooms and bedroom nooks being any semblance of secluded. Farms do exist, but the country mostly lives on a minimum-substinence diet and many products are imports or import developments. Artificiality is seen as predetermined and most see nothing odd about replacing limbs and nerves for the slightest of ailments. Urban planners, sightseers, and artists are the most prized professions.
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