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from Gyhkesla to English

n. stick or strength.

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News 5 years ago
That's right, you can now finally move things around without having to laboriously copy the contents. At least, languages and language families, which you can both assign to any universe or language family you have comment privileges on. Just click edit and look for the move link at the bottom!

This functionality also automatically assigns the correct group to all child pages recursively, so what used to be an impossible task is now a possible, even easy task.
News 8 months ago
Image uploading is now fixed! A module misplaced in the migration was mandatory. Its moniker: Imagemagick.

PHP 7 is pretty confusing.

Anyway, I believe this primarily affected changing avatars and other tasks that required thumbnailing; simply adding images to articles is ostensibly unaffected.
News 8 months ago
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