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? Yaali Annar The Gote
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Cev: These two pro-wrestlers. They walk out to "La Marseilles", one is waving a French flag and the other has "FRANCE" written on their speedos.
Cev: I can't figure out where they're from.
Guitarplayer: Probably Australia.

Zayk: Guys, it's snowing in parts of Chicago right now.n
Slereah: You could do catheter + enema plug.
Zayk: Oh God.
Zayk: I came in at the wrong time.
Zayk: Goodbye.

CUM_quesa: What is the name of the thing you say three times to become a muslim? (but only if you REALLY MEAN IT)
YaaliAnnar: CUM_quesa, there’s no such thing.
CUM_quesa: Wait what?
YaaliAnnar: You just only have to say Shahada once.
CUM_quesa: Oh...
CUM_quesa: Fuck I think I confused islam and beetlejuice.

Slereah: Homosexuals are unable to breed on their own. The only way to increase their numbers is by stealing other peoples children.
YaaliAnnar: Ooooh so that’s why homosexuals are called fairies!
YaaliAnnar: Fairies kidnap children to raise as their own.
Slereah: That's why you must leave a saucer of milk for the gays at night.