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Starway Starway is an alternate history with the point of divergence mainly around 14th century. Most of the stories, however, take place after 24th century.
Twiside Twiside is a flat planet shaped not unlike a paratha bread. Though the two sides have different condition going on, they are both habitable.
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If you strip down all the modern complications, economy can be summed with this simple premise: We have what the other people want and the other people have what we want

Even human with their allegedly post-scarcity society works under this premise. Though their manufacturing technology allows them to make literally everything, they still need two things: Energy and Instructions.

Energy is freely available to all humans (with some exception such as criminals). Central Authority granted some amount of daily energy to those who are eligible. A moderate usage would only use half of this ration, allowing them to accumulate their energies for creating more elaborate objects in the future.

Now, here's where thing gets complicated. Instructions for some objects like food and clothes are available everywhere for free. Many other instructions, however, requires you to pay to the Instruction Owner (in form of energies obviously). Since you are basically buying the right to make a copy of the object, the payment is called "copyright fee".

So you must be wondering, "What stopped other humans from getting an instruction, duplicate it and give them to other people?

You see, a lot of human made objects have what it's called "signatures" in it. The details and the technology behind it is beyond me, but a signature basically prevents you from using other people devices. Of course, there are some naughty humans who tried to get around this limitation. However, the Instruction Owners always came up with another scheme to counter them.

You should be careful when you're making an object using a pirated instruction. Some of them have been tampered and can injure you.
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slereah: You know what had great furry sex in it, though? "Blood and Chocolate"
slereah: Gr8 teenage girl romance book about werewolf, loved it as a kid.
Cev: This is why we need sharia law in France.

Cev: The top 6 placers every year have to get kidney transplants or something, and several winners have died.
Cev: Google search suggests a winner hasn't died since 2003.
travisb: That's because they stopped the championships then.

Legion: Apparently neuter nouns are also always uncountable, so you can spin it and say the adjective has a special agreement pattern if the noun is uncountable.
YaaliAnnar: But is there non neuter uncountable nouns?
nort: Yes. for example, the number of inches in my dick.
nort: No matter how high you count, my dick is longer.
nort: But it is of course not neuter.
YaaliAnnar: I see.

CUM_SIURAN: This guy is machining a potato.
CUM_SIURAN: I wonder if you could use a potato as a tampon, in a pinch
CUM_SIURAN: I just thought of that because the shape this guy has machined the potato into at this point in the video is pretty tampon-y
YaaliAnnar: Just use the whole potato as tampon.
YaaliAnnar: Or carve the potato into a Diva Cup.
TheFizzMeister: Use the potato as a tampon, fry it up later, get a boost in your daily iron intake.
YaaliAnnar: That has been today's Ghetto tips.
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Whimemsz: How many official Greek letters are there referencing pickled geese?
Slereah: At least two, apparently.
Slereah: "Official letter in Greek mentioning a pickled goose (P.Duk.inv. 599)"
Slereah: It is followed by "Official letter in Greek mentioning a pickled goose (P.Duk.inv. 605 R) "
Slereah: Pickled geese were serious stuff.

YaaliAnnar: "En gran parte de España, se les llama "judías" (de origen muy incierto, pero quizá del hebreo יְהוּדִי yĕhūdī)"
Seraphinus: Beans are part of a jewish plot, Yaali.
Seraphinus: A plot to reduce economic productivity through diarrhœa and gases.

CUM_quesa: 'ey all.
YaaliAnnar: Bunuh semua bulé.
CUM_quesa: I don't know what that means.
YaaliAnnar: It means "how are you".
CUM_quesa: If I google "bunuh semua",
CUM_quesa: I get pictures of Hitler.

Yatalac: Trigger warning, austronesian alignment.

miekko: The three top Finnish political offices, in order of status, are:
H13: high chief, state shaman, commissioner for buttsex and alcohol
miekko: President, Speaker of the Parliament, Prime Minister
H13: Wow i didn't expect to get it right the first time
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If we're voting. I vote for kichwa.

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