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det. all (of)
It should be noted that the Tim Ar generally classify words much differently than the typical listing of parts of speech: There are "rocks" (nominals, verbs), "currents" (adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, determiners), and "debris" (everything else). Nonetheless, in entries in this dictionary, the parts of speech are listed using a more typical form, in part so that non-native speakers will be able to suss out various fine differences in meaning that may not be obvious.

The sound described as /S/ is called sa ngö cen ("wandering S"). It has many dialect-dependent realizations and comes from a historical *θ. In the Imperatorial dialect it has merged with /s/ [z]. Other realizations include /f/ [v], /w ~ xʷ/, /x/ [ɣ], /Ø/, /h/ [ɦ], and /j/.

‘e, det. (a) certain
‘êkh (1), n. river
‘êkh (2), v. flow
‘o3, p. toward the center of
‘ûô, p. toward
3ánqa, p. over
, p. between, in the midst of
3ún, num. one
á‘e, v. be
a3á (1), n. bed
a3á (2), v. lie down
adrón, n. ground, soil
ahre, n. adhesive, gum, glue, putty
áín, conj. if
ajúk, n. awe, wonder
ándr, n. head
ár, conj. and/or
ar, det. (plural marker)
ara, det. no, none
athûn (1), n. gear, cog
athûn (2), v. carry out one's duty
ázr, n. eye
, conj. and
, p. from
cehat, adj. subtle
cng, p. on
co‘ (1), n. current (water)
co‘ (2), v. stir, make a small movement
e, det. a certain one of these
ê‘, p. parallel to, alongside (something)
en, p. through (a structure or area)
hakh, num. two
hás, det. any (one)
hégr (1), n. light source
hégr (2), v. shine (light) (on something)
hëlás, n. blood
héur, n. mud
hi, conj. and/or
, conj. but, except
hían, num. five
hól, num. nine
hong, n. type of large game animal
hozán, p. relative to, with respect to
hr (1), n. border, boundary, demarcation line, division line
hr (2), v. keep peace, prevent conflict
hûl, det. a certain one of these
hún (1), adj. dark color (black, dark grey, blue, indigo, violet)
hún (2), n. dark-colored paint or pigment
hürin, n. arm
ï, conj. not only; but also

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