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Archaeron is a place where carefully constructed magical technology holds the bounds of civilization against Outlands full of monsters, feral barbarian races, and eldritch forces. The Imperium of Sophonts controls a varied network of lands and peoples, but vast expanses exist beyond their domain.

History Important events and concepts in Archaeron's timeline
Hob Culture The culture of the hob families
Magic and Magitech Essays on the structure of magic and the progression of magical technology
Meisylvan Culture The culture of the wood sylphs
Naisylvan Culture The culture of the noble sylphs
Two Men on the Mountain Many versions of the same tale

* Druidic The languages of the wildkin and their allies
Abyssal The eldritch languages of Archaeron's more shadowy races
Dorn The languages of the dorn and their Slight descendants
Goblinoid The languages of the feral Outland races
Imperial The formal languages of the Imperium
Sylvan The languages of the ancient and modern sylphs