Zontas's Fantasy Playlist Part 1
2015-10-29 03:00:50
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Here's my favorite songs in the whole wide world; all of them abridged, curtailed, and broadcast to fit in room. Note that songs are just put in the alphabetical order to make it easier to find them. I don't like all these songs the same, and many i'd avoid if i were in the wrong mood, like most people. I also may only like certain bands for a handful or less amount of songs they did. I also have included mediocre songs i support due to awesome videos, which'll be marked with an (MV). Remixes will be listed like covers, but with a (remix) after the remixer. The format is:

Band- Song

I refuse to put Beatles songs on here, because while they are a superb band, they have too many songs i like to list but not enough to warrant a separate page. Featured artists will be mentioned.

311- Amber
8Barz (remix)- Please Don't Go
Ace- How Long
A-Ha- Take On Me
Armand Van Helden Ft. Common- Full Moon
Armand Van Helden- You Don't Know Me
B-52s- Party Out Of Bounds
Beastie Boys- Brass Monkey
Beastie Boys- Intergalactic
Beastie Boys- Sabotage
Bee Gees- More Than A Woman
Bee Gees- Stayin' Alive
Bleach Soundtrack- Phenomena
Blues Traveler- Hook
Blues Traveler- Run Around
Bootsy Collins- I'd Rather Be With You
Booty Luv- Shine
Boris Dlugosh (remix)- Funkin' For Jamaica
Boris Dlugosh (remix)- Sing It Back
Brainstorm- Lovin' Is Really My Game
Broken Bells- The High Road
Cardigans- Lovefool
DJ Casper- Cha Cha Slide*
Chaz Jankel- Ai No Corrida
Coolio- Fantastic Voyage
Coolio- Gangsta's Paradise
Crazy Town- Butterfly
Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young- Darkstar
Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young- Judy Suite Blue Eyes
Cubismo Grafico- Sequenced Time
Cymbals- Highway Star, Speed Star
Death Note Soundtrack- Action
Deeee-Lite- Groove Is In The Heart
Deeee-Lite- Picnic In The Summertime
Dent May- Born Too Late
Dent May- Best Friend
Dent May- Don't Wait Too Long
Dent May- Wedding Day
Devo- Whip It
Fantastic Plastic Machine- Allen Ginsburg
Fantastic Plastic Machine- Different Colors
Fantastic Plastic Machine- Tell Me
Fantastic Plastic Machine- (Welcome To The) Fantastic Plastic World
Fantastic Plastic Machine- Why Not
Flipper's Guitar- Goodbye Our Pastel Badges
FLOW- Colors
Grizzly Bear- Two Weeks
Hott 22- 8th Wonder
Hott 22- Make Up Your Mind
Huey Lewis & The News- Back In Time
ICE- Baby Maybe
Jamie Lewis Ft. Michelle Weeks- The Light
Jermaine Jackson- Let's Get Serious
Juice- Moon's Martini
Junior Senior- Can I Get Get Get
Junior Senior- Move Your Feet
Kano- I'm Ready
Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez- The Bomb!
Lakeside- Fantastic Voyage
Last Dinosaurs- Andy
Last Dinosaurs- Beaumont
Last Dinosaurs- Honolulu
Last Dinosaurs- Zoom
LaToya Jackson- Private Joy
Lemon Demon- Bad Idea (MV)
Lemon Demon- When Robots Attack (MV)
Lemon Demon- The Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate Destiny
Lemon Demon- Word Disassociation
Li'l B**- Orange
"Little" Louie Vega- Ride On The Rhythm
Macross 82-89- Bad Girl
Macross 82-89- Horsey
Madison Avenue- Don't Call Me Baby
Masters At Work (remix)- Five Fathoms
Masters At Work (remix)- I Wonder Why
McFadden & Whitehead- Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now
Mike Posner- Please Don't Go
Narada Michael Walden- I Shoulda Loved Ya
Narada Michael Walden- Tonight, I'm Alright
Nelly- Ride Wit Me
Nujabes Ft. Substantial- Home Sweet Home
NWA- Fuck Tha Police
Orange Lounge- Les Filles Balancent
Orange Lounge- Love Is Orange
Parov Stelar- Catgroove
Paul McCartney- Wonderful Christmastime
Pizzicato Five- Audrey Hepburn Complex
Pizzicato Five- The Night Is Still Young
Pizzicato Five- Tout Va Bien
Pizzicato Five- Triste
Primus- Laquer Head
Primus- Mr. Krinkle
Primus- My Name Is Mud
Primus- Wynona's Big Brown Beaver
Prince- Private Joy
Reel Big Fish- I Don't Like You Anymore
Reel Big Fish- Sell Out
Reel Big Fish- Take On Me
Rod Stewart- Do Ya Think I'm Sexy
Rod Stewart- The Killing Of Georgie
Rod Stewart- Maggie May
Room 5- Make Luv
Room 5- U Got Me
Round Table Ft. Nino- Chappie
Round Table Ft. Nino- Dancin' All Night
Round Table Ft. Nino- Let Me Be With You
Saint Pepsi- Enjoy Yourself
Saint Pepsi- Mac Tonite
Saint Pepsi- Skylar Spence
Saint Pepsi- Strawberry Lemonade
Skylar Spence***- Fall Harder
Skylar Spence- Fiona Coyne
Seranji Poji- The Body Of Earthlings
Seranji Poji- Happy End Is Coming
Seranji Poji- Lovelabor
Seranji Poji- Sugar Boo
Seranji Poji- Tale Of Fish Man
Sister Hazel- All For You
Slipknot- Psychosocial
Spiritchaser- Visions
Supreme Beings Of Leisure- Mirror
Supreme Beings Of Leisure- Strangelove Addiction
Supreme Beings Of Leisure- Under The Gun
Supreme Beings Of Leisure- You're Always The Sun
Teri DeSario- Ain't Nothin' Gonna Keep Me From You
Tom Browne- Funkin' For Jamaica
Toro Y Moi- I Can Feel Love
Toro Y Moi- Never Matter
Toro Y Moi- New Beat
Towa Tei- Apple
Towa Tei- The Burning Plain
Towa Tei Ft. Les Nubians- Funkin' For Jamaica
Towa Tei- Happy
Towa Tei- Luv Connection
Van Halen- Jump
Van Halen- Hot For Teacher
Van Halen- Without You
Vanilla Beans- Nicola
Vanilla Beans- U <3 Me
Virt- Cool As A Cucumber
Virt- Staring At My Spaceship
Weezer- Island In The Sun
Weezer- Pork & Beans
Weezer- We Are All On Drugs
Weird Al- Bob (MV)
Weird Al- Close But No Cigar
Weird Al- Confessions Part III
Weird Al- Craigslist
Weird Al- Dare To Be Stupid
Weird Al- Eat It
Weird Al- Ebay
Weird Al- Fat
Weird Al- First World Problems
Weird Al- Germs
Weird Al- I'll Sue Ya
Weird Al- It's All About The Pentiums
Weird Al- Lame Claim To Fame
Weird Al- Living With A Hernia
Weird Al- Mission Statement
Weird Al- Ringtone
Weird Al- Tacky
Weird Al- Trapped In The Drive-Thru
Weird Al- UHF
Weird Al- Virus Alert
Weird Al- Word Crimes
Yellow Magic Orchestra- Tong Poo
YMCK- Magical 8bit Tour
Young MC- Bust A Move

*NOT the 'Electric Slide', which is something else.
**Li'l B is NOT to be confused with hyphy artist Lil B.
***A post-copyright name of Saint Pepsi.
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