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Next's community list (2020-03-14 21:00:55) :
[quote Hallow XIII, 蘇黎世之侯]you really weren't kidding when you said you were a pl/1 enthusiast were you[/quote]
I think she has described her relationship with PL/I in the past as not so much a fan's enthusiasm as an eternal summer sunset kind of infatuation.
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[quote Hallow XIII, 蘇黎世之侯]I would say your reaction to "this is a platform I don't use" was somewhat tactless.[/quote]
Well yes, but the thing is, I [i]would[/i] like to use it. The dictionary feature is very much the best there is (all the alternatives being either more or less annoying, or laughable), and having articles grouped with them under a single language entry was a great idea.
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[quote Rhetorica, Kelatetía: Dis, Major Belt 1]There are quite a few entries on that page overall that are unambiguously dead and haven't seen a soul in years. Perhaps lobby for a purge of those, first?[/quote]
Yeah, okay, I can just tell them to update the labels and links for Anthologica then.
[quote]I have a semi-concrete timeline now for developing the mythical tumblr-esque crossposting format, also, which will make it a lot easier for people to share their recent additions, and shou...
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I'm writing an email telling the LCS to update their community list (and also their Javascript menu, which only works on cellphones and huge screens). Annie is still listed there, from back in the days in 2014 when we had an actual interest in becoming another normal conlanging forum, with activity happening...

Can I tell them to de-list Annie because of its low forum activity? It is still useful as an online dictionary, although unfortunately it appears its server backend problems will...
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Quote Thread (2019-02-16 15:44:05) :
<guitarplayer> ever since I returned from Canada I've preferred tapwater
<guitarplayer> because you don't usually get carbonated water in America it seems
<guitarplayer> so after months of drinking tapwater, I just stuck with it
<guitarplayer> since the tapwater here is reasonably good
<guitarplayer> and lugging some 9 kg of bottled water every couple of weeks also sucks
<Tanaphor> German man discovers drinking water
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Quote Thread (2019-01-31 14:46:16) :
<Tanaphor> have u never done driving classes
<pthag> no
<Ser> no
<Cev> No.
<Cev> I was taught in the old way.
<Cev> I am American. My people learn to drive before we learn to walk.
<Tanaphor> like the ancient mongols
<Tanaphor> Born on a horse
<Cev> Sleep in the driver's seat.
<Cev> Drink the rain.
<Cev> Eat nothing but dried milk, dried meat, and motor oil.
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Quote Thread (2019-01-29 15:42:05) :
<tiramisu-does-taxes> I mean if we can't agree that "divorce" when people use it is typically meant to mean "civil divorce" then I don't think we're going to come to a common foundation for this argument.
<pthag> it sounds like LIBERALISM to me
<pthag> also even if civil divorce is tolerated
<pthag> this has no basis for meaning there is a divorce in shariah
<tiramisu-does-taxes> shariah marriage and divorce is the most civil religious marriage and d...
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Isharian-1 (2018-10-07 17:02:42) :
Suggested stress pattern: Word-initial, or near the beginning of the word (maybe there's derivational prefixes that never take stress?).
[quote con quesa, Layperson, California]For negation, why not copy English on this? A negative auxiliary verb analogous to "don't" transparently formed from an older negative particle, used in some TAM classes, with that same negative particle (let's say its [i]ga[/i] to be concrete) used for negation in other TAM contexts?

[i]Soŝna ɡás wek'né[/i]...
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Isharian-1 (2018-10-07 16:36:32) :
[quote con quesa, Layperson, California]Here's a potential phoneme inventory just to get that over with (all values IPA):

pʼ pʰ b    tʼ tʰ d    tʃʼ  tʃʰ dʒ    kʼ kʰ ɡ
f              s            ʃ                x                h
w              &nb...
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Isharian-1 (2018-10-06 18:56:15) :
I don't particularly care about the typology of the conlang. I'd be okay with something very analytic or something very synthetic, something with many affixes or something with a lot of root compounding, something with European-style standard negation (a single invariable particle before or after the verb) or something with a more exotic kind of standard negation, say, negative inflectional affixes that have a different tense system from that of positive (non-negative) verbs (cf. Mandarin bu4 an...
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Isharian-1 :
[quote]<Slereah__> Let's make the #isharia conlang
<Slereah__> We will call it... isharian[/quote]
Is there any interest in making a collablang? It seems like it has never been tried in this community.

We were talking about it for a little bit, and a few people seemed interested, but without making a huge commitment to it. Which is very fair of course, collablang threads tend to move very fast.

I just hoped I'd have better luck making a collablang here......
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Quote Thread (2017-11-24 14:07:00) :
<Legion> it's interesting to see that in biology, even closely related groups of life forms can have widely different body plans
<Legion> like
<Legion> tunicates are the most closely related living animals to vertebrates
<Legion> they look like this:
<Legion> like what even happened here
<Legion> you're a chordate, look like one!
<Legion> yeah but like, at larval stage they ac...
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lexicon storage :
Are lexica on Annie stored as a string of tab- and newline-separated values? So, something similar to what you see when you export them. I'd find it relatively amusing if they are...
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Quote Thread (2017-03-27 10:31:05) :
<pthagnar> rude
<guitarplayer> cev vs. phrasebook

[15:16.31] <guitarplayer> »später bezeichnete Außenminister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu Österreich als "Zentrum des radikalen Rassismus".«
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Bugs, Requests, and Changes (2017-05-03 04:01:50) :
In [i]Diccionario alaia-español,[/i] I can't see any tags at the bottom to click on, even though when you look at the data of any word you can see that the word class tag is there.

owned by Serafín, last edited 2017-05-03 04:01:50.
Bugs, Requests, and Changes (2017-02-16 10:27:27) :
Not sure if it's been reported before, but I can't export a dictionary in print-friendly format.

"Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 130968 bytes) in /home/web/cadre/libraries/htmlpurifier/HTMLPurifier.standalone.php on line 7720"
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Conpoetry Thread (2017-02-16 00:08:23) :
i can into cuntstructed pottery too

fessi deficientes ad caelum properamus
    sic uti mox revolemus basilisce domum
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Quote Thread (2017-01-02 01:54:00) :
<CUM_SIURAN> it would've been funny if the queen had died in 2016, to cap off a year filled with celebrity deaths
<@pthag> wan sui
<@pthag> wan sui
<@pthag> wan wan sui
<@pthag> put out more flags

Don't judge me, she's my Queen too.

wan wan sui
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dhoklang scratchpad 2.0 (NP: Turkish but ergative) (2016-10-01 23:07:38) :
He's been told multiple times. At this point he's just trolling.
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Talk in a natlang, y'all (2016-09-24 23:56:07) :
[quote Serafín, 番, Canada][b]Cantō Mandōque sunt ut Hispānica atque Catalāna/Lūsitāna—iocōsissimē similārēs. Utinam ut Hispānica atque Gallica essent...[/b]
Canto and Mando are like Spanish and Catalan/Portuguese—ridiculously similar. I wish they were like Spanish and French instead...[/quote]
[b]Duo anni intercesserunt; nunc autem ea, quae Latine scribere solebam, iam non possum aspicere. Quid dixi "similares" cum me oportebat dicere "similes"?[/b]
Two years have passed, and now I c...
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