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Quote Thread (2019-01-17 08:41:44) :
[b]#isharia / 16-gen-2019[/b]

<Cev> look
<Cev> a dinosaur
<Tanaphor> Let's clone him
<Cev> Oddly it more than anything reminds me of those old fashioned pre-Bakker-&-Horner illustrations of sluggish bog-dwelling dinosaurs
<Whimemsz> we'll use the blood of the mosquitos he ate to clone ancient mosquitos

<Tanaphor> meth-, eth-, prop-, but-, pent-, hex-, ...
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Quote Thread (2019-01-15 13:29:18) :
[b]#isharia / 15-gen-2019[/b]

<twabs> karch is opipik, kwerk is some lurker, yiffyrifters is yaali's bot, tanaphor is slereah, blackbacon is yaali, play is soap, anyone else is probably izambri
<twabs> there
<Karch> the real question is
<Karch> who is Blecqhills
<Isambrie> me
<twabs> probably izambri
<twabs> hence the final clause
<Ser> definitely izambri
<Karch> so cernex is izambri too
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Quote Thread (2019-01-14 18:08:17) :
[quote Whimemsz, Novice Speaker][no_emote]Stop quoting yourself, dammit. There are RULES. >:|[/quote]
Don't get mad about it, Whim!

Those 'rules' are not written, so there's no problem with that. Also, I find that precise 'rule' to be very stupid. So I'm not going to follow it. : )
owned by Izambri, last edited 2019-01-14 18:08:17.
Translat-o-matic (2019-01-14 10:14:33) :
You're beautiful monster in the universe.
[b]Ez marroc izà i minedarn.[/b]

I am a man, my name is Anakin. I am very sorry.
[b]Gec min bruç, im lhetz Anakin. Eu aim sarre.[/b]
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Quote Thread (2019-01-14 09:49:50) :
[b]#isharia – 10-gen-2019[/b]

<Izmabri> "CBS says the series will relate the next chapter in Picard's life."
<Izmabri> Episode one: Picard dies
<Izmabri> the end
<Izmabri> Episode two: Picard's autopsy
<Izmabri> Episode three: The Vigil
<Izmabri> Episode four: The Funeral. Part One: Exsultabunt Domino
<Izmabri> Episode five: The Funeral. Part Two: Absolution of the Dead
<Izmabri> Episode ...
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Quote Thread (2019-01-10 08:40:28) :
[b]#isharia / 7-gen-2019[/b]

<Isambri> also, I don't like when people put weird symbols in their Twitter names and I can't see them
<Isambri> because there's that box
<Isambri> boxed names
<Slereah> Man remember when encoding problems were a thing
<Slerea> I'm pretty glad we mostly switched to unicode
<Slereah> that shit was annoying
<Slereah> I even once was sent a package with an encoding error written in pen because o...
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Quote Thread (2019-01-07 11:06:01) :
[b]#isharia / 6-gen-2019[/b]

<Naima> sweaty furry sex toys, they stop real fast and don't like them you will become the smallest hint of muscle. his throbbing manhood, his cock, was swollen and throbbing. �my god� he thought �this brings back memories.�

<Naima> [b]manhood is that legal thing to say phar has the highest tolerance for bad puns[/b] when double meaning is involved of course carved into irregularly shaped stone tablets (mostly, tombstones) dating from c...
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Conversation subjects in #isharia. The list :
[li]Conlangs & the conlangery world.[/li][ul][li]Comments on terrible conlangs we find on the net.[/li][li]Our own conlangs.[/li][li]Slereah's despising of conlanging.[/li][/ul]
[li]General gayness.[/li]
[li]Jews and jewy things.[/li]
[li]Movies and TV series.[/li][ul][li]Bad movies.[/li][li]Star Trek.[/li][li]Marvel and other superhero stuff.[/li][/ul]
[li]Murrican politics & society.[/li][ul][li]Trump and the downhill path the USA is now in.[/li][/ul]...
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Quote Thread (2019-01-05 17:28:21) :
2018 is dead. It could have been better. Now, goodbye, and don't come back.

Despite all the shit 2018 had good and fine things, and some are in this very thread. These are my TOP 5 #isharia quotes from 2018.
In no special order...

[b]The Zompian meme Xurnese philosopher terrible drawing[/b]
A lovely one for its simplicity and truthfulness. I post the link only because it has two images: [|check it outta]

[b]The African Brexit name ...
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Quote Thread (2017-01-29 15:47:19) :
<Slereah_> best meme
<Smaug> the second portrait from the top is zomp at his best
<Slereah_> yeah I'm pretty sure it's some Xurnese philosopher
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Quote Thread (2019-01-05 09:48:34) :
[b]#isharia / 4-gen-2019[/b]

<Druggie> Buying drugs is a fun experience bc it's like a simulation of buying medicine in the US
<Druggie> Where u pay 10$ per pill
<pthag> drugs insurance when
<Druggie> We can ask Obama for it
<Druggie> one of the punk lady asked me if I had any of the drugs left
<Druggie> and I had
<Druggie> but turns out I lost that last half pill!
<Druggie> v. sad
<Druggie> In...
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Quote Thread (2019-01-03 14:44:35) :
[b]#isharia / 3-gen-2019[/b]

<Isambri> Naima thoughts on piercings and tattoos
<Naima> thoughts on piercings and tattoos of third reich iconography bouncing around, one thing stood out: the neo-nazis were all drinking milk. they spat it out as they danced, letting it dribble down their chins."
<Isambri> wow
<Smaug> that's pretty hot
<Slereah> I'm afraid this is a new generation of punks
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If your conlang were a natlang... (2019-01-01 11:55:42) :
[b]Hellesan[/b] could be counted among the Romance languages if it weren't an a priori language. Its syntax, though, is SAE (Standard Average European) enough to be experienced as a language of the Old World. In fact its main inspiration are the Occitano-Romance languages (Occitan and Catalan), with small bits here and there taken from Cretan Greek, Italian languages and dialects and Celtic languages. The Occitano-Romance feel is particularly evident in Hellesan's orthography and phonoaesthetics...
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Quote Thread (2018-12-28 18:38:54) :
[b]#isharia / 29-des-2018[/b]

<Cev> It's too bad the Soviet Union is no longer around to conduct experiments on whether liposuctioned wolves can glide from trees.
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Translat-o-matic (2018-12-24 11:21:11) :
We are moving towards a distant planet to get tattoos.
[b]Ems casartam a min persedre lhausant tar i dar-mis-ic totjatzs.[/b]
owned by Izambri, last edited 2018-12-24 11:21:11.
Feasts, traditions and celebrations (2018-12-21 04:41:26) :

Happy Winter Solstice and Merry Winter Holidays!

I'd wish you a happy 2019 but the next year will probably bring us WW3, so let's hope 2020 will be better.
owned by Izambri, last edited 2018-12-21 04:41:26.
Translat-o-matic (2018-12-05 16:19:54) :
"We don't make mistakes, we just have happy accidents"
[b]"Mà manfoldrem ersis, dam nuis perem dobresseigs lleosis"[/b]
owned by Izambri, last edited 2018-12-05 16:21:02.
Translat-o-matic (2018-12-04 21:34:48) :
Nobody goes to [|Iancogorencia]. In fact, Iancogorencia comes to you.
[b]Nedanc tè a Iancogorencea. Iancogorencea, datz è datz, eig dó.[/b]
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Translat-o-matic (2018-08-29 09:52:56) :
"Tits r just right".
          —Naima, philosopher—
[b]"Ses mamares 'sent tsya".
          —Naima, sirteginarte—[/b]

[Naima, in isharia. 29 ag 2018]
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What listenst thou? Non-English Version (2014-12-08 18:15:22) :
[b]ARRAP - A l'abordatge[/b]
owned by Izambri, last edited 2018-12-04 20:31:09.

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