If there can be no Christrage...
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If there can be no Christrage...

the Land of Rage


If there can be no Christrage...

"For all that have fallen, a memory. For all that will come, a dream. For all that are, a haven. Always and forever, will be Christrage."

Δημoστενη Χριστωργη

Born ________ in a small town south of Syracusa, she grew up as a normal Greek girl, obeying her parents, and growing in to a beautiful young woman. She was married to a low noble in a prestigious house of Carthage, and was bound for an easy life. But then after two years, she had produce no children, and was declared barren. Her husband was enraged, and finally had her sold as a slave and burnt their marriage contract. She was sold in the markets of <Marrakech> to a Majjáran slaver, who set her up as the ship’s harlot. Some of the men she was able to fight off, some she wasn’t. It was in the dark holds of that ship where she first learned to fight. Eventually the slaver realized she was more an asset as a fighter than a harlot, and brought her into the ranks as a ship’s mate. Despite her turnaround in fortunes, _____ still resented the slaver for the things that had been done to her. One day after a particularly large slaver raid, she, along with the few among the crew whom she trusted, loosed the slaves, and slaughtered the rest of the crew. Her knife stuck hard in the captian’s chest as he lay surprised in his bed. She discarded her old identity, and took command of the ship as her own. She discarded her old name and became Dimosteni Xristorgi, Speaker of righteous fury.

Iwɨmi miši Xištoγli…
<3sg-benot if Christrage>
Dimosteni’s dying words provide a good example of simple Iberian syntax. the verb wimɨ ‘not be’ is conjugated into the nonpast, and has the 3sg prefix. The nonpast form is what shows us the most information here, as it is being used for a possible future condition, namely the establishment of the pirate haven of Christrage. As she was dying of her wounds in the war against the Majjáran privateer-general Blackhands, her dream was not formed. Her crew and allies took her as a martyr, rallied, and drove the Májjarans out of the Red Coast, and founded Christrage in her memory.

Išɨšɨštun, ɨsɨlašu.
Inamɨštun, ɨštexilu.
Išiluštun, ukošuxu štexiru.
Ipuštištun puštiloγ, Xištoγli.

- Dimosteni Khristorghi

For all that have fallen, a memory.
For all that will come, a dream.
For all that are, a haven.
Always and forever, will be Christrage.

{Red Coast Iberian}

500AD Iberian:
Išɨšɨcun, ɨsɨlašu.
Inamɨcun, ɨceħilu.
Išilucun, uqošoħu ceħiru.
Ipucicun puciloģ, Xištoγli.

- Dimosteni Khristorghi
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