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Endug An alternate history take on Earth.
Šaol Šaol is an a priori conworld, mostly of a late classical focus, with a recent reintroduction of magical power after a ten thousand year absence.
Anaşa Salanja The official language of the Salanjan Imperium, past and present, and ancestral to the Zein languages.
Common Vuafane
Common Zein
Drydic The oldest attested form of the Drydic language, before contact with the Kenrui Źijn and internal developments altered it drastically.
Dryw The modern Drydic language.
Išeni (Cenašene Tzuman) Spoken in Išeneli itself and in her colonies dotted along the Emanar Venoršanid, Išeni is proudly (though not significantly) divergent from the partially-standardized forms of Straits Tzuman.
Ker Salanja The language of culture and erudition across the Regil Plain during the Salanjan Imperium.
Modern Scythian Speech of the proud Scythian Nation, and of its uncompromising offspring, Krandebaǧ.
Modern Tzuman Grand language of the Kanašu, the medium of trade heard in all corners, near and far.
Modern Tzuman The trade tongue over nearly the whole of Rašau, and good portions of Htelui, Kortɯǥ, and the Littoral.
Proto Macro-Kanašu The ancestral language of the Macro-Kanašu family, claimed by Kanaši scholars to have been spoken by the populace of the semi-mythical state of First Tzešaghro.
Proto Steppe
Udraþ Overthrowers of the Salanjan Imperium.
Uzrat The radically divergent modern form of Udraþ. Rule an unrelated nation for a thousand years and it affects you deeply, no matter how much better than them you think you are.

Varied Ramblings

The following is the grammar section of the earliest version of the Drydic Language, my first conlang which wasn't basically an English relex. Instead, it's a Latin relex trying to pretend it isn't! (…)
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An essay written by Meihou Ianoutsé, one of the brightest lights of Anaşali literature, detailing her feelings and thoughts about the capture and subsequent treatment of Teršelai, a Ker Salanjan city-state.
*Now playing on Rockway! New home of Şerau Teršelainja here.
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the Land of Rage


If there can be no Christrage...

"For all that have fallen, a memory. For all that will come, a dream. For all that are, a haven. Always and forever, will be Christrage."
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Ex foris

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<dhok> my fursona is Nelson Rockefeller wearing cat ears
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<dhok> luckily I was in the shower so I don'tlook like I got in a fight with a menstruating wolverine like this morning
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quoting Rhetorica, Kelatetía: Dis, Major Belt 1:
Tshentshova sotaní atshové 'l Dzhemessa vóe s'ka. Amekonarha reperin da?
Yesterday was the last day of the Season of Love.  Did everyone find romance?


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I'm my own geek and nerd, with a passion for history. That passion led me into linguistics by way of looking up neat maps on this newfangled (to me) computer thing called the Internet, where I found the CyBaLiSt serial websites (home of gaudily-colored MS Paint language maps), which got me interested in Indo-European (which itself led me to take Latin in high school). After some time, I found (having seen the Numbers page 3 years earlier but not investigating the site further), Virtual Verduria, and the LCK. I've been hooked on conlangery and conworldry ever since.
Age  31