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I used to have a couple of posts on here, a few months ago, when the purpose of this blog was much vaguer. One was a fairly rambling post in which I stated with a fair measure of certainty (which turned out to be hasty) that I would be spending the upcoming academic year in Lithuania; the other was an attempt at political analysis from the sort of moderate-but-edgy point of view that certain internet communities breed. The former outlined a course of action that I later backtracked on, and the latter didn't really fit with what I envision as the theme of this blog, so both have been scrapped.

A re-introduction, therefore, seems necessary. I'm a twenty-year-old sophomore undergraduate at the University of Oklahoma triple-majoring in Linguistics, Classical Languages, and Russian. Finals end in less than two weeks from the time of this writing, following which I'll spend the summer at my parents' place in western Massachusetts, biding my time until I fly out for a year abroad at the Nevsky Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia. I spent a gap year- well, seven gap months; it's complicated- in Brazil between high school and college, and might shoot for an additional year in Portugal later on if I can make the logistics work. In my spare time I enjoy doing pretty much the same things I do academically- languages and linguistics, mostly, with a good bit of reading, writing, biking and occasional guilty gaming-binge thrown in.

I'll probably make this more active in a few weeks once my summer routine kicks in. Until then, I'm desperately trying to stave off procrastination enough that I get no more than one B this semester; when you start avoiding Greek translation by reading four back issues of the Economist in a row, as I did this afternoon, you know it's bad...
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<nort> if Hitler were alive today there's no way he wouldn't be a furry
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<@H13> it's okay
<@H13> now that donald trump has made anime real, girls actually enjoy rape
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In recent months, all of my conlanging efforts have been either a) Algonquian thinly disguised or b) a posteriori. I'm starting to get bored with those, so I'm going to start an a priori family that's a bit easier to handle.

*p	*t	*tʲ		*k	*kʲ
*b	*d	*dʲ		*g	*gʲ
*m	*n	*nʲ
	*ts	*tsʲ
	*dz	*dzʲ
*ɸ	*s	*sʲ		*x	*xʲ
*w	*l	*lʲ	*j
	*ɾ	*ɾʲ

Vowels and diphthongs:

*i~ɨ	*u
*e~ə	*o
*æ~ä	*ɒ

The orthography should be pretty self-explanatory. Palatalization is written with a following <ь> unless before any of /i e æ/; before those vowels palatalized consonants are unmarked and unpalatalized ones are written with a following <ъ>, unless they're labials. /æ~ä/ is written <æ>, /j/ <y>, /ɸ/ <f>.

Roots are generally of the form C(R)VC, where R may be any of /w l lʲ r rʲ/: *mratь, *pwær, *gedz, nъis, *dlьus. (мрать, пвæр, гедз, ныс, длюс?)

Allowed consonant clusters are CR, RC, and NC. Palatalization is not contrastive on the first member of clusters.

Proto-Thingy is strongly suffixing, with initial stress: *mratь 'dog', *mrátik 'dog.GEN', *mrátikъæn 'your dog.GEN'. The mid vowels /e o/ are only allowed in word-initial syllables.

Nouns have no gender; the case-number paradigms are very nearly completely agglutinative, except for the ablative plural.

ABS	-Ø	-æ		-ær
GEN	-ik	-ikъæ		-ikъær
DAT	-at	-atъæ		-atъær
INST	-us	-usъæ		-usъær
ALL	-in	-inъæ		-inъær
LOC	-ænь	-ænæ		-ænær
ABL	-(æ)wi	-(æ)wiyæ	-(æ)wir

There is an ergative case of sorts, identical to the genitive of animate nouns and the instrumental of inanimates.

Possessive paradigm:

1	-(æ)k	-(æ)bæk		-(i)tsik
1+2		-(æ)kъæn	-(i)tsir
2	-(æ)n	-(æ)bæn		-(i)rik
3	-(æ)d	-(æ)bæd		-(i)dik

These attach to the case endings: mratæwirtsik 'away from our two dogs' ['mɾɒtʲæwiɾtsʲik], ogъændik 'in their city' ['ogändʲik].

I'll have to go find some inspiration from something other than Turkic/Uralic for the verbs...

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