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Latin The language of choice for the best bogolangers and a posteriori conlangers.

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<Legion> it's interesting to see that in biology, even closely related groups of life forms can have widely different body plans
<Legion> like
<Legion> tunicates are the most closely related living animals to vertebrates
<Legion> they look like this:
<Legion> like what even happened here
<Legion> you're a chordate, look like one!
<Legion> yeah but like, at larval stage they actually look like proper worm-like animal
<Legion> larval stage in B
<Legion> adult stage in C
<Slereah> >giant mouth
<Slereah> >giant stomach
<Sleraeh> >gets much wider
<Slereah> >loses mobility
<Slereah> It is the American dream
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? Serafín posts: 37
, 農, Canada
Are lexica on Annie stored as a string of tab- and newline-separated values? So, something similar to what you see when you export them. I'd find it relatively amusing if they are...
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, 農, Canada
In Diccionario alaia-español, I can't see any tags at the bottom to click on, even though when you look at the data of any word you can see that the word class tag is there.

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