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Latin The language of choice for the best bogolangers and a posteriori conlangers.

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? Serafín posts: 44
, 農, Canada
<guitarplayer> ever since I returned from Canada I've preferred tapwater
<guitarplayer> because you don't usually get carbonated water in America it seems
<guitarplayer> so after months of drinking tapwater, I just stuck with it
<guitarplayer> since the tapwater here is reasonably good
<guitarplayer> and lugging some 9 kg of bottled water every couple of weeks also sucks
<Tanaphor> German man discovers drinking water
<guitarplayer> the thing is, my family's usually had antwater
<guitarplayer> and since that is normal here, I didn't really question it
<Tanaphor> guitarplayer confirmed for Arthur Aardvark
<Tanaphor> did you get antmilk in your babybottle
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? Serafín posts: 44
, 農, Canada
<Tanaphor> have u never done driving classes
<pthag> no
<Ser> no
<Cev> No.
<Cev> I was taught in the old way.
<Cev> I am American. My people learn to drive before we learn to walk.
<Tanaphor> like the ancient mongols
<Tanaphor> Born on a horse
<Cev> Sleep in the driver's seat.
<Cev> Drink the rain.
<Cev> Eat nothing but dried milk, dried meat, and motor oil.
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? Serafín posts: 44
, 農, Canada
<tiramisu-does-taxes> I mean if we can't agree that "divorce" when people use it is typically meant to mean "civil divorce" then I don't think we're going to come to a common foundation for this argument.
<pthag> it sounds like LIBERALISM to me
<pthag> also even if civil divorce is tolerated
<pthag> this has no basis for meaning there is a divorce in shariah
<tiramisu-does-taxes> shariah marriage and divorce is the most civil religious marriage and divorce I've ever heard of
<tiramisu-does-taxes> there's like 0 theology underlying it
<pthag> i do not mean islamic shariah
<pthag> i mean the one true catholic and apostolic shariah
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