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The macrons are for length, not stress. Normal stress in Imperial Sinemi is root-final. The repetition of the same notes is supposed to be for the purpose of entering an altered state. Kind of a meditative thing? It's not uncommon to hear a Sinemi humming the tune while focused on some task. It's also used to calm oneself down. Having a common cultural practice for such is very useful in a world where heightened emotions can rip open holes in the fabric of reality, letting loose the wild energies of the spirit world.

(Also, most of Simemi cultural effort is spent on fancy hats )
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More song than poetry, but whatever.

Here's the Hymn of Si, in Imperial Sinemi:


yo mās, jas doū
yo mās, yo hiket
yo sit wā tanat

tana yom hachdwem
hik pan yom chadwem
aksakkob lasas
shichye yom washwen
yo dōywo tajis

si yom mochudwom
hik yom justōchdwom
aksakkob tōshbom
lēb gwof fyū gatne
yo shobom tacchwom

yo1.NOM.SG mās,here.ACC.SG jasforest.LOC.SG doūsit.IND.CONT
yo1.NOM.SG mās,here.ACC.SG yo1.NOM.SG hikettree.SUB.SG
yo1.NOM.SG sitmoon.SUB.SG and tanatsun.SUB.SG

tanasun.NOM.SG yom1.ACC.SG hachdweburn.IND.HAB-m-TRANS
hiktree.NOM.SG panbig.NOM.SG yom1.ACC.SG chadweprotect.IND.HAB-m-TRANS
aksakkobanimal.NOM.PL lasasall.LOC.SG
shichyedin.NOM.SG yom1.ACC.SG washwenmind.PRO.SG
yo1.NOM.SG dōywosit.POT tajisalone.NOM.SG

simoon.NOM.SG yom1.ACC.SG mochudwosoothe.IND.HAB-m-TRANS
hiktree.NOM.SG yom1.ACC.SG justōchdwolift.IND.HAB-m-TRANS
aksakkobanimal.NOM.PL tōshbomhidden.ACC.PL
lēb3.NOM.PL gwofmany.NOM.SUP fyūsleep.IND.CONT gatnequiet.NOM.SG
yo1.NOM.SG shobomword.ACC.PL tacchwomlisten.POT

I am here, sitting in the forest
I am here, I am under the tree
I am under the moon and sun

the sun always burns me
the great tree always protects me
the animals are all around
the noise goes through my mind
all I can do is sit

the moon soothes me
the tree lifts me
the animals are hidden
most of them sleep silently
I can hear the words
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(The above was in Imperial Sinemi. As a bonus, here's the same utterance in its distant ancestor, Proto-Gha-Sinemic.)

Jo wi tuu, jo wija la. Maka xa pata! Seunəi ni zi shə nge zronei. Tife la nito koi - jo mri qei nra kru koingi!
[jo wi tuw | jo wija ɭa ‖ maka xa pata ‖ sewnəj ni t͡si ɕə ŋe ʈ͡ʂonej ‖ tife ɭa nito koj | jo ᵐʙi k’ej ɲa ʈˠu kojŋi]
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