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? Cev Grammatis Qaghan
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<pthagnar> if you supported a plot to kill stalin with apple juice
<pthagnar> i would say you are a fool and a lunatic

<travisb> think like Indiana
<pthagnar> durr im a worse version of illinois

<Cev> well you know what Jesus said, pthag
<Cev> "Who do they say I am?"
<pthagnar> a wizard
<pthagnar> specialising in nature and healing magic
<slereah_> Dude
<slereah_> That's stupid
<slereah_> Jesus was a cleric
<slereah_> Channeling the power of YHWH
<slereah_> Obviously
<Nessari> *super saiyan
<slereah_> According to a D&D review I read, they estimated that Jesus was about level 20
<CUM_quesa> what was his power level though?
<Nessari> pre-crucifixion, I assume
<Cev> Sler: no he does everything from his own power
<Cev> He's quite explicit about this
<Cev> "the Son of Man has the authority to forgive sins" or something
<Cev> So he's more a mage than a cleric
<CUM_quesa> what level do you need to be at to forgive sins?
<CUM_quesa> does D&D cover this?

<slereah_> "The caliph al-Ḥakim (996-1020) vigorously applied the Pact of Umar, and compelled the Jews to wear bells and to carry in public the wooden image of a calf."
<slereah_> wat
<Legion> jews were compelled to all kinds of silly things in the middle age
<Legion> I tell you, the yellow star was p mild, in comparison
<slereah_> It's no cowbell, that's for sure
<slereah_> Holocaust movies would be hilarious
<Legion> man, thank god the nazi didn't think of that; cows breeders would have to pay huge compensations to the ADL to keep the right to use bells
<slereah_> Much like bakers now pay for the right to use ovens