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? twabs fair maiden
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God forbid (that) [noun] [verb].

Is the verb in the indicative or subjunctive? Or would you use an auxiliary? Is "that" necessary or can it be elided?

In my case, I'd usually use the auxiliary "should":

God forbid that that should ever happen.
God forbid he should go to Russia.
God forbid it should start raining.

Yes, it's a dated phrase anyway, but I'm curious if you have a grammatical preference.
? Kereb Ba'al
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I think it's meant to be in the subjunctive innit
God forbid that he go to Russia
? kusuri posts: 37
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God forbid that/it happens.
God forbid he goes to Russia / he does go to Russia.
God forbid it starts raining / it rains.

'God forbid [noun]' sounds fine enough. 'that' is alright, but 'should' is awfully stiff/formal.
? Nessari ?????? ?????? ????????
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btw where are you from