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Elmincár And seventy worlds and seven hundred words is not enough: how could it be for anyone?
Maotic river speech
Proto-* pronounced /ˈpɹoto stɑɹ/ or /ˈpɹoto 'æstəɹɪsk/
Weyötiss An alternate vistorie of Modern Greek


I would not call myself a good conlanger, since I have neither the education nor experience. But I'd like to offer what I think is some good advice anyway.

1. Pronounced /kɑxjʌk/, for some approximation of /x/.
2. Source: Arka
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<Barsuga> please help sometimes my inner monologue sounds like Seinfeld

<Whimemsz> so my parents just got back from Australia
<Whimemsz> apparently one person asked them "is it true you Yanks have the water go the other way in your toilets?"
<Whimemsz> and another person asked them, in all seriousness, if the sun rose in the east or the west in America

<Legion> new study reveals everything ever bad for you
<twabs> new study reveals that all of existence is suffering
<twabs> and that only by following the eightfold path can one achieve nirvana
<twabs> etc
<Legion> study paid for by Big Karma

<Legion> my favorite projection is dymaxion
<Barsuga> My favorite type of projection is ascribing my own flaws to others
<Legion> shouldn't you say that's someone else's favorite then

<Radius> ah nice, almond is cognate to amygdala
<Radius> who is the queen of naboo, iirc

<Cev> I propose the wiccan model
<Cev> You can get an abortion but then some random person somewhere else in the world has to get pregnant
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<Tanaphor> I once looked up how they tested breast implants on animals
<Tanaphor> And was disappointed to find out they don't give rats a giant pair of tits
<CUM_SIURAN> of course you did
<CUM_SIURAN> of course you were

<pthag> barabbas is an exemplary scapegoat, because he committed the sins of israel
<Tanaphor> all of them?
<Tanaphor> He had a busy day

<Cev> i'm ready
<Cev> got my graham crackers and jug of milk and mountain dew
<Radius> okay rdy
<Cev> and I have toothpicks jammed in between each of my front bottom teeth because it gives me pseudosexual pleasure
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Ο1SG.NOM α̨ρχικςoriginal-M πυline μα̨λσςvery με1SG.ACC σοχςseem-AOR κρεττονmore ηελικςfunny-M
I honestly think the original line is funnier
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