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Elmincár And seventy worlds and seven hundred words is not enough: how could it be for anyone?
Maotic river speech
Proto-* pronounced /ˈpɹoto stɑɹ/ or /ˈpɹoto 'æstəɹɪsk/
Weyötiss An alternate vistorie of Modern Greek


I would not call myself a good conlanger, since I have neither the education nor experience. But I'd like to offer what I think is some good advice anyway.

1. Pronounced /kɑxjʌk/, for some approximation of /x/.
2. Source: Arka
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send him to the gulag
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<Mishael> first thing I thought of was salah'idin al ayyubi.
<ayyub> yes that is my brother
<ayyub> i am very old you see

-*- Cev injects

<CUM_SIURAN> anything chinese people can do, americans can do too
-*- CUM_SIURAN smokes opium

<Izambri> I need a word for "mucus" or a set of letters that yell such concept.
<Slereah> Snrrrt

<Play> "i bought 3300000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 cyanobacteria" is perfectly OK
<pthag> no
<pthag> it is not

<Slereah> twabs : My favorite version is actually the David Hasslehoff version
<Whimemsz> I didn't know this existed
<Slereah> it is great
<Whimemsz> lol
<Slereah> I'm not sure how the music video came about, though
<Slereah> I assume the guy behind the camera just said "Okay, act!"
<Slereah> Without further direction
<Slereah> and then they fixed it in post
<Whimemsz> the random dachsunds and angels are great
<Slereah> I'm not sure what feeling the Hoff is hooked on in this video
<Slereah> It's a very complex story
<Whimemsz> this is like ... a music video directed by someone who just learned what green screens are and will only be able to use one for THIS VIDEO and never again in their life

<Slereah> *tips fedora*
<guitarplayer> m'linux

<Cev> Democrats have the aliens tell them to live in harmony with the planet
<Cev> Republicans get things put up their ass
<Cev> Help me Dr Freud
<Cev> I need help interpreting this

<CUM_SIURAN> sf is one of the few places in the US where naming a local landmark after a company who paid hundreds of millions of dollars for it actually adds some authentic local color
<CUM_SIURAN> like, if it was twitter park?
<CUM_SIURAN> twitter is legit a thing the city of san francisco is known for

<slereah-work> Normans get out
<slereah-work> reeeeeee

<CUM_SIURAN> I think a blood red toilet would be cool
<CUM_SIURAN> also has the benefit that if you menstruated all over it, it would be less noticeable
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? twabs fair maiden
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<Cev> I haven't looked into it but I have the sneaking suspicion that this is just like those "kids wear X-colored bracelets to signal to other students they're DTF"
<Cev> i.e. invented
<twabs> what is dtf
<Cev> down to fuck
<Cev> I think
<twabs> o
<Cev> or maybe dying to fuck?
<Cev> determined to fuck
<Cev> destined toward fornication

<Ser> thus speaks the Church, on the final day God shall open his terminal and do the git merge to end all git merges

<Cev> this guy in teh comments
<Cev> thinks it's a "Wendigo"
<Cev> ah yes the Wendigo spirit spoken of in Ojibwe folklore
<Cev> the Ojibwes being famous residents of FUCKING OREGON

<Slereah> I have this rare disease where, whenever I start humming a note, it automatically transforms in the tune for Casper, the Friendly Ghost

<Mec> oh wimoweh
<Mec> oh wimoweh
<Mec> oh wimoweh
<Mec> oh wimoweh
<Mec> oh wimoweh
<Mec> oh wimoweh
<Mec> ~sham bajungel, betoch hajungel, yashen lo ha'arye~

<Play> i have an amazing memory for certain things. i remembered the central line of the children's story "rikki tikki tembo / no sa rembo / chari bari ruchi / pip peri pembo" despite only hearing it once a long tiem ago
<Play> i could rewrite it as a story about the two little boys, Kakakaaakakatakakakakakakakakaka and Tó
<Play> or maybe the second one is a girl and her name is P
<Play> which is pronounced /p/, although in some dialects all final consonants are dropped and therefore this name is silent

<Slereah> But I guess less teenage girls would have had wet dreams about him
<twabs_in_hoorn> can teenage girls have wet dreams
<Slereah> I am legally forbidden from checking

<miekko> no. we must punish transgressors. in swedish there is a saying 'the sin punishes itself'. I think we need to parse this literally to mean that 'if someone transgresses sexually, the punishment must consist of a related transgression'
<miekko> so I suggest we punish transvestites by making them wear some additional piece of female clothing

<guitarplayer> streets not being straight at all is not uncommon in euorpe
<guitarplayer> especially in old towns
<ryagami> *People, too
<guitarplayer> gay streets, eh
<ryagami> Yeah
<ryagami> It's the ones that have manholes

<pharazon> next generation knowledge has already hardened into a perfect diamond in my memory
<Rad[]> rly
<Rad[]> what symmetry group is it
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