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slereah: You know what had great furry sex in it, though? "Blood and Chocolate"
slereah: Gr8 teenage girl romance book about werewolf, loved it as a kid.
Cev: This is why we need sharia law in France.

Cev: The top 6 placers every year have to get kidney transplants or something, and several winners have died.
Cev: Google search suggests a winner hasn't died since 2003.
travisb: That's because they stopped the championships then.

Legion: Apparently neuter nouns are also always uncountable, so you can spin it and say the adjective has a special agreement pattern if the noun is uncountable.
YaaliAnnar: But is there non neuter uncountable nouns?
nort: Yes. for example, the number of inches in my dick.
nort: No matter how high you count, my dick is longer.
nort: But it is of course not neuter.
YaaliAnnar: I see.

CUM_SIURAN: This guy is machining a potato.
CUM_SIURAN: I wonder if you could use a potato as a tampon, in a pinch
CUM_SIURAN: I just thought of that because the shape this guy has machined the potato into at this point in the video is pretty tampon-y
YaaliAnnar: Just use the whole potato as tampon.
YaaliAnnar: Or carve the potato into a Diva Cup.
TheFizzMeister: Use the potato as a tampon, fry it up later, get a boost in your daily iron intake.
YaaliAnnar: That has been today's Ghetto tips.