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<yng> rahmetli abim cumali kalın mevzua hiç bakmiycaksın derdi, ince mevzua bakacaksın
<@Cev> Kumali is a character in Final Fantasy X
<@Cev> right?
<@Cev> wait no he's a character in The Wind Waker
<@Cev> wait no he's a character in Hurrian mythology
<@Cev> one of those three things for sure

<@Cev> http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Kimahri_Ronso
<@Cev> http://zelda.wikia.com/wiki/Prince_Komali
<@Cev> https://www.britannica.com/topic/Kumarbi

<pthagphone> it says a small child can make them
<pthagphone> how did u burn them
<pthagphone> do u need the assistance of a small child
<Slereah> yes plz
<Slereah> I couldn't find fancy fat so I used goose fat
<pthagphone> cant u get lard in France
<pthagphone> u may get lard simply in England
<pthagphone> i shall post u a block

<Slereah> Delicious food that I try to not do too often is a roast chicken
<Slereah> With all the chicken grease
<Slereah> Delicious but deadly
<pthagphone> england is a land of roasted meats
<pthagphone> i shall send u a chicken
<Slereah> will you be able to, or are the borders closed already
<pthagphone> well
<pthagphone> lard is possible
<pthagphone> a chicken is pushing it
<pthagphone> the small child is probably not going to happen

<Slereah> You know what's gonna be awful, tho
<Slereah> When early internet nostalgia becomes more of a thing
<Slereah> and they make a meme movie
<Slereah> our protagonist, the trollface, must save the memes from something
<Slereah> with his many meme companions
<twabs> once upon a time the protagonist would have been pepe :-/
<Slereah> maybe pepe could be the villain now
<Slereah> A fallen meme
<Slereah> turned to eivl
<@Cev> I still believe in pepe.
<twabs> there's still good in him

<tiramisu> also speaking of Jews
<tiramisu> an anti-Semitism showed up into the service this morning!
<@Cev> "an anti-Semitism" :D
<@Cev> what units are anti-semitisms measured in?
<pthagphone> hitlers
<pthagphone> obv
<@Cev> well
<@Cev> ok so
<@Cev> let's say millihitlers
<@Cev> 1 millihitler would be murdering 6,000 Jews which is still p. damn antisemitic
<@Cev> this is a difficult scale to use, Pthag

<tiramisu> [in a story …] the jackal goes to the donkey again and lures him back to the lion, saying there was a female donkey there who wanted his donkey d
<tiramisu> and the stupid donkey gets really excited and doesn't think things through and agrees
<tiramisu> and then the lion eats him
<twabs> what a dumbass

<yng> so in jordan the Muslim Brotherhood split into two organisations
<yng> both called the muslim brotherhood
<yng> this document keeps referring to the older one as the 'mother organisation'
<yng> but that doesn't imply the same thing in english
<yng> is there a nice equivalent do you think
<Slereah> the muslim motherhood