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<Slereah> So I had a great idea for a site
<Slereah> It is called
<Slereah> I spit on ur grave
<Slereah> It's just me mocking all dead people ever
<Slereah> In chronological order
<Slereah> From early humans to modern celebrities
<@Cev> "Fuck your ass, Scorpion I!"
<Slereah> Watch out Ötzi!
<@Cev> "Oetzi, you're a fukken retard!"
<@Cev> "Bite me, Cheddar Man!"
<pthag> sounds like something maddox or lowtax wld have done in the 2000s
<pthag> im sorry, Slereah....
<@Legion> only known humans or do you include every human that has statistically existed
<Slereah> Well known in the sense that we have either records or bodies
<@Legion> "Statistical mid-15th century Frisian pesant was a moron, fuck that guy lol"
<Slereah> Although I'm sure we have plenty of corpses of 15th century frisians
<@Cev> So you gonna start with the type specifimen of Sahelanthropus tchadensis?
<@Cev> "Fuck that guy!"
<Slereah> I will mock their small stature and poor dental records
<Slereah> Probably just early homo sapiens
<@Cev> what a homo
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híháá, hinyam yočííšofíí pso
wow. really lightning-much-weather today
Man, it's really thundering here today!
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<CUM_SIURAN> I'm going kayaking this weekend with some friends
<CUM_SIURAN> should be fun
<guitarplayer_> don't sink
<@Slereah> or do, if u wish
<@Slereah> the only limit is your imagination

On Elon Musk:
<Margaret> so far his rocket adventures have been pretty successful
<Margaret> and unlike his SHITTY CAR COMPANY
<Margaret> the rocket company is actually making money
<@guitarplayer> the shitty car company is making all the rookie mistakes while he's making promises that he can't (yet) fulfill
<@Slereah> Good thing he only makes reasonable promises for the space company
<@Slereah> like Mars colonization

<Cevf> man
<Cevf> it's pretty lame of Elrond to not let people speak Black Speech in Imladris.
<Cevf> He's just like those old Indian boarding school directors.
<Cevf> Pulling the switch out whenever a student speaks Pawnee.

<pthagphone> slereah is operating under licence
<pthagphone> he has the pt- brand franchise for the zbb
<@guitarplayer> pt-™
<@guitarplayer> you should insist that it be marked as a brand
<@guitarplayer> otherwise you might get brand devaluation like google, or kleenex, you don't want that!
<pthagphone> is that a threat
<pthagphone> if i catch u violating the sacred licence that slereah and i have sworn
<pthagphone> i shall treat YOU like a kleenex and ejaculate upon u
<pthagphone> beware!

<@guitarplayer> they have something upstairs which must be lying on the floor and buzzes periodically. it's slightly annoying
<@guitarplayer> i guess it's a phone while loading and set to mute or so
<@guitarplayer> (if i were slereah, i'd guess it's a vibrator, i suppose)
<Slereah> I don't have a lot of vibrators
<Slereah> Only like 4
<Karch> that's a lot of vibrators
<Slereah> not compared to the dildos

<@Legion> "In scientific taxonomy, toads are found in the families Bufonidae, Bombinatoridae, Discoglossidae, Pelobatidae, Rhinophrynidae, Pelobatidae, Rhinophrynidae, Scaphiopodidae and Microhylidae."
<@guitarplayer> discoglossidae
<@guitarplayer> do they all talk like disco stu
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