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Mii Dash Geget

Gii-paapichigaazo niitaawis gii-shaagooji’igod iniw omindimooyenyiman.
“They laughed at my cousin when his old lady over-powered him.”
gii’=baapi-’-d-gaa-zopast=laugh-caus-TI-undergo.action-AI n-iitaawis1-male’s.male.cross.cousin gii’=zhaagood-’-igw-dpast=overpower-caus-inv-3conj iniwthat.obv o-mindimooyenh-im-an3-old.lady-possd-obv

máxkwal níhleew    (Absolute)
"S/he killed a bear/some bears (obv)"
máxkwalbear-obv níhleewkill-3obj-3high

wə̆nihlááwal néél máxkwal    (Objective)
"S/he killed the bear(s) (obv)"
wə̆nihlááwal3-kill-3obj-3low-obv néélthat/those(obv) máxkwalbear-obv

wə̆nihlááwal    (Objective)
"S/he killed him/her/them (obv)"

Whimemsz 2 months ago

Ex foris

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quoting hwhatting, Sophomore, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany:
I started reading your blog, very interesting!

Thank you!
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<Tanaphor> how is wolf fur btw
<Tanaphor> is it coarse or soft
<Whimemsz> the guard hairs are coarse
<Whimemsz> the underfur is soft
<Whimemsz> but so the normal sensation of petting a wolf would be that it's fairly coarse
<Whimemsz> you'd have to dig in there to get to the soft part
<Tanaphor> I'll dig in
<@Cev> giggity
<Tanaphor> I'm guessing giving a wolf a giant squeeze is not advised
<Tanaphor> one of those retard strength hug
<Whimemsz> no
<Whimemsz> they really don't like that
<Tanaphor> Even dogs don't I hear, really
<Tanaphor> Wolves are probably less good sports about it
<Whimemsz> or being wrapped around the neck or anything else like that
<Tanaphor> I guess wolves don't have our simian ways~
<Tanaphor> Carrying youngs by hugging them in our brachiating arms

<Tanaphor> Let's all learn klingon
<Tanaphor> and then we go to a con
<Tanaphor> Dressed head to toe in space garbs
<@Cev> let's just learn Miwok or something
<@Cev> then show up to a Star Trek con and speak Miwok
<@Cev> and see if anyone notices
<@Cev> we'll tell them it's Klingon
<Tanaphor> Do we dress up as indians?
<Tanaphor> That might go poorly
<@Cev> nah man
<@Cev> you're half jewish or something and i'm 1/64th Scots or something so we're both PoC
<Tanaphor> Plus we can claim to be indians
<Tanaphor> Like
<Tanaphor> 100% indians
<Tanaphor> how will they prove us wrong
<Tanaphor> If they say we don't look indian they will be racists
<Whimemsz> demand our blood quantum certificates
<Whimemsz> I guess we can say we left them at home
<Whimemsz> back on the rez
<Tanaphor> or we forge them
<Tanaphor> in our teepees
<@pharazon> It's important to believe PoC and hear their voices
<Tanaphor> plus we don't need to prove anything to those white devils

<pthag> CUM_SIURAN, as a european u usually learn not to take americans seriousl
<pthag> when they have like
<pthag> opinions about europe
<pthag> cev what do u think about europe
<@Cev> pthag: ant water
<@Cev> fuck it
<pthag> that's a great opinion :)
<twabs> a...nt water?
<@Cev> yes twabs
<@Cev> in Europe they don't have regular water
<Tanaphor> let's drink a tall glass of ant water
<@Cev> like us sons of the forest here in America
<@Cev> they drink ant water
<@Cev> a corrupted water
<twabs> that's a damn shame, Cev
<@Cev> (ant water is what I call the carbonated water that you get in Europe if you ask for "water")
<@Cev> (because it stings my throat going down like ants biting my oesophagus)
<CUM_SIURAN> you can get that in america
<Tanaphor> you must ask for
<CUM_SIURAN> I'm drinking a la croix literally right now
<Tanaphor> *flat water*
<@Cev> Ques: you CAN yes
<@Cev> but
<@Cev> in Europe
<@Cev> it's all you can get
<@Cev> You just ask for "water" and they give you ant water
<Whimemsz> that sounds awful
<@Cev> This happened to me many times and it was very blustering
<Whimemsz> I hate carbonated water
<CUM_SIURAN> I like it
<Whimemsz> terrible
<CUM_SIURAN> drink it all the time
<pthag> this is why u don't listen to americas
<@Cev> pthag does the UK have the antwater problem
<pthag> i don't know. i don't perceive it as a problem.
<@Cev> Right.
<@Cev> You're like all the rest.
<@Cev> More ant than man.

<Isambrie> another one of his movies is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Curse_of_the_Cat_People
<Isambrie> " Its plot follows Amy, a young girl who befriends the ghost of her father's deceased first wife, Irena, a Serbian fashion designer who descended from a race of people who could transform into cats"
<Isambrie> convoluted
<Tanaphor> The classic story
<Tanaphor> a tale as old as time

<Ser> I'm quite out of the loop with this stuff. I had never heard about stereotype threat until today~
<Ser> so, a person does worse because they believe the stereotype about their group identity they know is just a stereotype?
<Tanaphor> Is stereotype threat when a black man with a knife threatens you

<@Cev> https://twitter.com/Evolving_Moloch/status/1086005805625688066
<@Cev> Saulteaux as "nonwarring" but Gros Ventres as "warring"
<@Cev> this "Fry" guy has absolutely no fucking idea what he's talking about
<Whimemsz> lol
<Whimemsz> I'm curious who this "Fry" guy is
<Whimemsz> http://kropfpolisci.com/peace.studies.fry.pdf ah
<Whimemsz> ""These people [the Saulteaux] have never engaged in war with the whites or with other Indian tribes.""  let's see what his source for this quote is
<Whimemsz> "For the Saulteaux: A. Irving Hallowell, "Aggression in Saulteaux society," in A.  I.  Hallowell (ed.), Culture and Experience, 277—90 (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press,  1974),  278."
<Whimemsz> pffff
<Whimemsz> Hallowell was an ethnographer writing in the mid-20th century, not a historian
<pthag> the germans are a nonwarring tribe
<pthag> based on my five years fieldwork in lucerne
<pthag> extremely peaceful cacao and sundial economy

<Whimemsz> I didn't have the impression he was a giant fatso though
<Tanaphor> he washes himself with a rag on a stick
<Whimemsz> I like that that's a standard way of referring to extremely fat people
<@Cev> How do you wash yourself?
<Tanaphor> I don't
<Tanaphor> I am French

<Ser> Naima lord of the jizz
<Naima> lord of the jizz than develop for java libraries
<Ser> I bet the original quote that has "[do something with] jizz than develop for java libraries" is a good slerquote
<Whimemsz> !grepfile log (?i) jizz than develop
<Naima> No match found
<Ser> !grepfile log (?i) jizz than
<Naima> No match found
<Ser> does this even work
<Whimemsz> !grepfile log (?i) of the jizz
<Naima> [22:34:13] <@Slereah> We hear he's a whiz of the jizz
<tiramisu> !grepfile log (?i) jizz
<Naima> [04:42:52] <Slereah> i've been jizzed on it's not that bad, gee
<tiramisu> I wonder if anybody else has been logged talking about jizz or if it's all slereah
<tiramisu> !grepfile log (?i) jizz
<Naima> [14:15] <Zayk> hey the jizz guzzler
<tiramisu> welp

<pthag> well don't say i did not warn u
<pthag> i don't explicitly remember warning u
<pthag> but it sounds like the sort of thing i would do

<Naima> tanaphor is isharia's soul and body, thanks to the workplace regulations imposed by the department of justice for lobbying work he did last year that “could be construed      [re-enter strepsiades with a cock under one arm and a leg)
<Isambrie> Strepsiades... is that a greek guy?
<@Tanaphor> it's a greek guy with a cock under his arm
<@pharazon> Doesn't really narrow it down

<@Cev> Time is symmetrical in classical physics
<@Cev> or something like that
<@Cev> Ask the guy with the thing in his butt if you want to know more
<@Cev> The one tripping balls at the moment

also, I found a few very old quotes recently that I may as well post (some of them may have been posted in different places in the distant past and I forgot, but whatever):

<Draycks> I know it sucks to be a virgin
<Draycks> but it might seriously be better
<Draycks> if you can just stop focusing on it
<CUM_quesa> I don't actually think about it all that often
<CUM_quesa> it just bothers me
<CUM_quesa> in the back of my mind
<@Cev> Let's talk about something else instead
<@Cev> Like uhh
<@Cev> Fire.
<@Cev> it's hot.
<CUM_quesa> hot
<@Cev> v hot
<CUM_quesa> like all the women who won't have sex with me :(
<CUM_quesa> :( :(
<@Cev> dammit, Ques

[17:49] <dewrad> it's my birthday in exactly 11 minutes.
[17:49] <Pthag> 22?
[17:49] <dewrad> indeed.
[17:49] * dewrad old
[ED NOTE: depressing...]

[19:20] <Whimemsz> What is Facebook?
[19:20] <Sleeper> another Friendster type thing?
[19:21] <nozaraph> Yeah, Merc
[19:21] <nozaraph> it's for colleges
[ED NOTE: Christ, I'm old...]

[11:21] <vlad> Well.. it may not apply in the case of Spanish, but it can happen.
[11:22] <vlad> Things like the gay lisp have to start somewhere.
[11:22] <Whimemsz> Yes, but they don't happen by people imitating a king
[11:22] <nozaraph> Indeed
[11:22] <nozaraph> Presumably they'd be imitating a queen.

<@pharazon> hey pthag
<@pharazon> you did biology
<pthag> apparently so
<@pharazon> tell me what the little green worms that were on the beach in mexico were
<pthag> what
<@pharazon> they were like, litle
<pthag> how little
<@pharazon> and green
<@pharazon> pretty little
<pthag> what kind of green
<@pharazon> uhh
<@pharazon> green
<@pharazon> idk
<Whim> oh you know that shade of green? that the thing is?
<@pharazon> yes
<@pharazon> the thing
<pthag> dark green
<pthag> browny green
<@pharazon> i guess
<@pharazon> i don't know
<pthag> bright green
<pthag> you don't know
<@pharazon> well i haven't been there in a long time
<pthag> okay i am going to google for green worm beach mexico
<Whim> http://tolweb.org/tree/learn/marinediscovery/3.2SpeciesListforPP.pdf  here's something
<pthag> okay pharazon here is what to do
<pthag> find out who compiled that species list
<pthag> then send them an email
<@pharazon> pthag, how about you do it instead
<pthag> because
<pthag> fuck you
<@pharazon> o
<Whimemsz> http://www.alanwisniewski.com/mexico/images/IMG_4350.JPG  phar, is this the worm?
<@pharazon> oh man it IS
<pthag> !
<Whimemsz> woohoo!
<pthag> well
<pthag> what is it
<Whimemsz> looks like a flatworm of some kind, Mr. Biologist
<Whimemsz> but you tell me
<Whimemsz> GOT IT
<Whimemsz> Phyllodoce tuberculosa
<Whimemsz> the Green sandflat worm
<@pharazon> :)
<@pharazon> my hero~
<Whimemsz> :D
<pthag> o look it's a polychaete
<pthag> mr drr flatworm
<Whimemsz> shut up, at least I found it
<Whimemsz> you just sat around on your ass talking about Latin
<@pharazon> mr drr i wasn't helpful AT ALL
<@pharazon> yes
<pthag> also look, 1975
<pthag> so recent
<pthag> just think
<pthag> if you had gone to the beach while the beatles were still going
<pthag> it would be a worm...

<Cev[in_mourning]> Yes, now, come on! Come all! Come to #almea to see the Amazing Circumsized Man! Marvel at the freak, whose very manhood has been cloven away! Gasp at how he is less a man, than a man ought to be. Laugh at his deficiencty, his inadequacy, his inferiority.......................... ..............  .....  .. *hangs head*

[20:02] Xephyr: shit i got toad
[20:02] lesbian_vampire_consultant: shoulda worn a white cape
[20:02] Xephyr: SHIT FUKC UC FUKC
[20:02] lesbian_vampire_consultant: or whatever the thing is that prevents toad
[20:02] Xephyr: WHY TODD WHY FUCK WHY
[20:02] Xephyr: FUCIK
[20:03] lesbian_vampire_consultant: "WHY TODD WHY FUCK WHY"?
[20:03] Xephyr: WHY TOAD
[20:03] Xephyr: TOAD YOU IDIOT
[20:03] lesbian_vampire_consultant: I know, it just sounded funny
[20:04] * lesbian_vampire_consultant finds this really really funny
[20:04] Ketske: Hehe
[20:04] Xephyr: Heh
[20:04] Xephyr: I'm not
[20:04] Xephyr: YES
[20:04] Xephyr: YES
[20:05] Xephyr: YES
[20:05] Xephyr: BATTLES OVER
[20:05] Xephyr: I used 3 Fire Veils and a Swift Bolt
[20:05] Xephyr: Plus 4 X-Potions
[20:05] Xephyr: I hate Toad

<Whimemsz> pthag you are the biologyish person
<Whimemsz> what do you know of fevers?
<pthag> well by definition you are too hot if you have a fever
<pthag> but too hot for what
<Cev> my shirt
<pthag> too hot for doing the the fever is supposed to be doing?
<pthag> like killing bad dudes in your blood?
<Cev> So that's what's going on?
<pthag> well it is one thing
<Cev> Bad dudes in my blood are getting killed?
<pthag> could be
<Cev> Is my fever at all related to my abdominal pain?
<pthag> since i am not only a doctor but a magical one who can identify what you have over the internet
<pthag> yes
<pthag> yes it is
<pthag> deeply + intimately related

<Cev> I think I'll start an online webseries
<Cev> Called "Fkuck"
<Cev> The joke of every episode is that the show is called "Fkuck"
<Cev> I figure I can milk at least three seasons out of that
<Nortaneous> comedy gold

<Whimemsz> Central Alaskan Yup'ik mallu- = "to find a beached carcass"

<Slereah> I have an idea for historical rabbi gay porn
<Slereah> It's called "Ram my Bam"
<cntr> wouldn't that be better as historical hindu gay porn
<Slereah> That one would be called
<Slereah> Yogi Bear

<Whimemsz> "In Switzerland, the disease [rabies] has been virtually eradicated after scientists placed chicken heads laced with live attenuated vaccine in the Swiss Alps.[77] The foxes of Switzerland, proven to be the main source of rabies in the country, ate the chicken heads and immunized themselves.[77]"
<Whimemsz> that's awesome
<pthagnar> swiss foxes rated 'most autistic' in europe

[19:23] <Pthag> ...
[19:23] <Pthag> Bah
[19:23] <Pthag> I fell asleep in the lecture today
[19:23] <Pthag> And now I learn people were balancing cans on my head
[19:23] <Miekko> heh
[19:23] <Pthag> And took photographs
[19:24] <Pthag> Apparently many people noticed
[19:24] <Miekko> that almost merits a lol
[19:28] <Pthag> ...
[19:28] <Pthag> On a whim I decided to check my lecture notes
[19:28] <Whimemsz> What do they say?
[19:28] <Pthag> And I see somebody has written "YOU HAVE A CAN ON YOUR HEAD"
[19:32] <Pthag> Apparently I stayed asleep a full 10 minutes after the end of the lecture.
[ED NOTE: heheheheh]
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