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<Tanaphor> help
<Tanaphor> I made too many macaronis
<Tanaphor> I may die
<Tanaphor> of pasta poisoning
<Radius> you'll be pasta point of no return

<Whimemsz> man Piraha is such a fake language
<Whimemsz> there's no way it's real
<Whimemsz> one of these days we're gonna learn it was all an elaborate hoax
<@cev> I don't feel that way about Piraha
<@cev> I feel that way about the ridiculous fucking, like
<@cev> Secret Phoneme
<@cev> it has
<Whimemsz> the raspberry phoneme or whatever?
<@cev> "The language has a secret phoneme that I never once heard in 30 years living among them because they all restrained themselves from saying it when I was within earshot all the time, every day." "Really, what is it?" "*makes ridiculous farting noise with mouth*"

<@guitarplayer> ofc our doors are also different from those in America
<@cev> they don't open from the inside?
<Smaug> hinges are on the top
<Smaug> you secure it with a hook
<@guitarplayer> the door leaf doesn't close into the frame
<@guitarplayer> because the hinge is outside of the frame
<@guitarplayer> not built into it
<@cev> This is what gp has to go through each time he wants to enter or leave his house:
<@cev> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15MHyZ1RH-A&t=1m04s

<Tanaphor> Help
<Tanaphor> This is the most boringest conversation of all times
<Tanaphor> I may have to commit suicide
<Tanaphor> to escape discussing door hinges
<Whimemsz> I agree with Tanaphor, let's talk about something else
<Tanaphor> Oh look
<Tanaphor> the two jews agree on something
<Tanaphor> Suspiscious

<Laptop_Cev> btw for real it wasn't until like 2 weeks ago that I learned that the knights Templar and the knights Hospitaller were named because they were associated with a temple and a hospital respectively
<Laptop_Cev> I'm really dumb, man.
<Laptop_Cev> Like really dumb.
<@pharazon> wait til you find out they were knights

<Tanaphor> Phew
<Tanaphor> that was a spooky hour
<Tanaphor> PC wouldn't boot back up
<Tanaphor> had to remove a RAM bar
<Tanaphor> mb it's shot I dunno
<Ser> Tanaphor: time to save all the porn files
<Tanaphor> That is slander but also accurate

<@Legion> Izambri > those aren't dildos, those are external vibrators
<@Legion> (unless you're very brave)
<Tanaphor> Well I mean
<Tanaphor> you can use it internally
<Tanaphor> (I have done so)
<@Legion> (you're very brave)
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<Whimemsz> "A joke dated c. AD 400, recently translated from Greek, shows similarities to the Parrot sketch. It was written by Hierocles and Philagrius and was included in a compilation of 265 jokes titled Philogelos: The Laugh Addict. In the Greek version, a man complains to a slave-merchant that his new slave has died. The slave-merchant replies, "When he was with me, he never did any such thing!"[9]"
<Whimemsz> that's a quality ancient joke
<@guitarplayer> Hierocles & Philagrius, Greek stand-up comedians of c. 400 AD
<@Tanaphor> What's the deal with trireme food?
<@Cev> I just sailed in from Cyprus and boy are my arms tired!
<@Cev> Because I was a galley slave!
<@Tanaphor> *rimshot*
<@Tanaphor> Ever notice how Athenians walk like this
<@Tanaphor> But abderites walk like *this*

<Smaug> I once threw an open container of apple sauce at someone as my bus was leaving in a Friday afternoon in high school
<Smaug> it hit a kid right in the face as he was walking to his mom's car
<Karch> poor guy
<Smaug> oh boy karch
<Smaug> I would throw rocks and batteries
<Smaug> spit gum at passing cars
<Smaug> I feel bad, because I remember that kid was looking really happy
<Smaug> he was having a great day, and the weekend had just started
<Karch> and them BAM!
<Smaug> precisely :)
<Smaug> on the other hand, it was the most perfect throw I've ever done
<Smaug> thrown with my right hand, on a moving bus, at a moving target
<Smaug> obviously God wanted that to happen

<Whimemsz> man, I need to, at some point, make Hikoomayii less of an Algonquian ripoff
<@Cev> Don't feel bad about making a conlang that's a natlang ripoff.
<@pharazon> every word i've ever said in this channel has been in a natlang-ripoff conlang and no one has noticed
<@pharazon> so don't worry about it

<Play> i have decided to derive the person markers in Poswa & Pabappa from evidential
<Play> so "i feel" becomes 1st person, "i see" becomes 3rd person, i forget what the 2nd person is
<@Cev> "i forget"
<@Cev> the best evidential

<@H13> i became incel long after i first had sex
<@H13> hashtag fuck the rules

<CUM_SIURAN> how fucked are you money-wise?
<pthag> how would i know how fucked i am
<pthag> the future contains unknown fuckers
<yng> I hope you are unfucked
<yng> soon
<yng> that the penis of misfortune
<yng> removes itself
<pthag> oh, another penis of misfortune may well be dicking me soon

<@Cev> https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DzQBMGKUYAAIsb7.jpg:large
<@Cev> phar you lived in Michigan
<@Cev> whats ur take on racist porn?

<@Cev> but yeah what even would be "racist porn"
<@Cev> actually let's fine out
@Cev goes to pornhub
<@Cev> (for science)
<@Cev> "Hoty Racist Chick Gets Black Dick Blind Folded And Loves It"
<@Cev> "White Girls Say The 'N' Word - Ultimate Compilation"
<@Cev> oh I am definiteyl watching this
<Whimemsz> thank you for doing so much science, Cev
<@pharazon> Whimemsz: but what about the replication crisis
<@pharazon> i had better try to duplicate these results

<Izambri> Naima this year Easter falls on
<Naima> this year easter falls on christmas?

<slereah-work> no spoilers plz
<slereah-work> otherwise I will spoil how you die
<@Cev> Slereah
<@Cev> How will I die?
<slereah-work> (It's diabetes)
<@Cev> o
<@Cev> that's not so bad
<@Cev> wait
<@Cev> Do I have any amputated limbs?
<slereah-work> Not even
<@Cev> whew
<slereah-work> v. bland
<slereah-work> The soda was the murderer all along
<@Cev> Delicious murder.

<@Cev> ah my stomach hurts
<@Cev> dang soda
<@Cev> dang diabetus
<YiffyRifters> [tanaphor] The prophecy
<YiffyRifters> [tanaphor] Has come true

<Play> he looks nothing like Hitler. obviously htey used makeup, hair dye etc, but i wonder how he got the part
<Ser> all you need is the moustache
<Ser> you can even cast a black man as Hitler, just need the moustache
<pthag> pls don't cast robert mugabe as hitler

<@guitarplayer> https://twitter.com/DannyDutch/status/1096333538557874177
<Whimemsz> poor pufferfish
<Whimemsz> is there no sea creature dolphins won't abuse?!
<Tanaphor> I will take one for the team
<Tanaphor> Dolphins, come abuse me
<Tanaphor> No one else has to suffer

<@pharazon> I'm at a lesbian bar but they have monogender bathrooms
<@pharazon> My male privilege :(
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quoting hwhatting, Sophomore, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany:
I started reading your blog, very interesting!

Thank you!

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