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That was quite the Shyamalan twist at the end!
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<@ayyub> the first result when I search that is a user on nofap.com
<twabs> it's h13
<@ayyub> Fapstronaut, Male, 23
<twabs> definitely h13

<Ser> well, Brazil still has hunter-gatherer tribes in the Amazon
<Ser> are they taxed
<Smaug> no
<Smaug> they have some kind of sovereignty
<Smaug> because there are still, like, Indians who still bury children alive to appease the spirits or something
<Smaug> […] stopping it is controversial
<Ser> Chesterton's Fence, guys

<Play> hmm
<Play> Im writing about a war whose winning side is an all-male army whose ideology states that only women can hold power in the government and that men must always obey their wives
<Play> i didnt really think this through

<Tanaphor> I have met many cosmic entities
<Tanaphor> during the travels to the astral plane
<Tanaphor> mostly they go on about nonsense
<pthag> much like material entities
<Tanaphor> So far no cosmic wisdom
<Tanaphor> v. disappointing
<pthag> the problem is u
<pthag> if u were mystical enough u could evoke cosmic wisdom fom every day dreams and events
<Tanaphor> Entirely too prosaic alas
<pthag> i am so mystical that i have a cut on my hand that keeps bleeding except instead of mystery blood it bleeds chocolate
<pthag> solve this mystery if u can
<Tanaphor> are u a gingerbread man

<Tanaphor> When the normies make a flag it's gonna look more like the Hezbollah flag
<Tanaphor> https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/0/08/Flag_of_Hezbollah.svg
<Tanaphor> Just raw text, guns and thunderous erections
<Tanaphor> they care not for vexillology and common decency
<Tanaphor> "The logo also incorporates several other objects, namely a globe, a book, a sword, and a seven-leafed branch."
<Tanaphor> None of those objects explain the thunderous erection
<Tanaphor> why won't they address it
<Ser> well, it doesn't look much like an erection
<Ser> in contrast with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamic_Revolutionary_Guard_Corps
<Tanaphor> Are you refering to the Iran vagina
<Tanaphor> apparently the Iran vagina is a very stylized Allah
<Tanaphor> Is there any occult significance to this
<Tanaphor> Oh wait
<Tanaphor> If you look very closely at it it's actually a vagina and also a sword going in a butt
<Tanaphor> Fraught with symbolism
<pthagphone> islamic occultism is its own game
<Whimemsz> Fraught, Lisa...or Freud?
<Tanaphor> Sometimes a sword going in a butt is just a sword going in a butt

<cevv> In a thousand years English will be an extinct and undocumented language and the only recordings of it will be Hanson and Bone Thuz N Harmony songs
<Legion> thousand years seem short
<Legion> surely after spoken English has passed away written English will linger as the liturgical language of baptists for a millenia or two
<cevv> Lec: Yes but they'll lose all of their bibles
<cevv> So they'll end up desperately trying to phonetically recite Hanson and Bone Thugz N Harmony lyrics
<cevv> wondering what secrets they hold

<dhok> you can become a congresscritter at 25 in the house
<dhok> senator at 30
<dhok> pthag is there any minimum age requirement for MPs
<pthag> probably
<pthag> i doubt they would let a toddler be an mp
<pthag> but who can say
<dhok> that historical primary source Blackadder informs me that william pitt the younger was nine
<dhok> at the time of his premiership
<pthag> you're forgetting william pitt the even younger
<dhok> oh yes
<dhok> do age requirements prevent prince andrew from bestowing seats in the Lords upon his lovers
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Hello and welcome!
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