Lorošaep ikājapasta
The dictionary of Lorošae
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laes dz, v. flow meanderingly
laes, cy, v. overflow
laes, laa-, v. flow into (as a tributary)
laes, poik- g, v. irrigate
laes, toğ-, v. flow out (of a spring)
lag, v. feel
laha, v. want (something)
lais, n. forehead
lait, v. be attached, be tied together, be interrelated
lak, v. allow
lal, v. split, divide
lald, v. tear
laml, n. summer
lan, v. small (of objects)
lane, n. plate
laoč, n. curd, farmer's cheese
laus, v. to fast
laxru, v. at that time
ldoon, n. a figure of a man used in religious rituals, an effigy
leci, n. wrist
ledru, n. bass drum
lee, n. meat
leen, v. last
leist, n. bone
lek, n. female zo
leknu, n. bitch
lep, v. flat
lev, v. wide
lg, v. to be done
lic, v. straight
lic, dž, v. frank, honest
lie, v. cute, adorable
liu-, aff. out of (a mass)
liw, v. forget
liw, naa- , v. forget, let go of
liž, v. cyan, turquoise (the colour)
lk-, aff. skin
lklom, n. sweat
lko, n. floor
lois, v. settle, come to a stop
loix, v. to be up in the sky
lok, n. nut
lom, v. flow (thick liquid moves)
lom, liu-, v. secrete
lomrtas, n. mercury
lomrtasköö, n. cinnabar
lon, misc. you
loŋ, v. have time
loo, n. woman
looš, v. to love (non-romantically)

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