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Word of the Day: ti, u- by- r
v. to clean one's room (গুছানো)
kööm, jom-
-aav-, aff. can
-be, aff. 3rd person animal singular agent
-beŋ, aff. 3rd person animal paucal agent
-dža, aff. instrument, tool
-g-, aff. causative verb
-ha, aff. 2nd person singular agent
-hti-, aff. water
-impa, adv. just (number) of them.
-in, n. inanimate nominalizer
-isi, aff. immediate future
-iz, aff. cessative marker on motion verbs
-kei, n. agentive
-la-, aff. inchoative series marker
-li, aff. 3rd person y-class paucal agent
-mara, n. augmentative suffix
-mu, aff. 1st person paucal agent
-nö, aff. 1st plural agent
-nu (219928), aff. diminutive suffix
-nu (229500), aff. 3rd human plural agent
-ny-, aff. should
, aff. 3rd person x-class paucal agent
-ren, aff. be time, "it is time"
-ru, aff. 2nd person paucal agent
-s, aff. 3rd person singular y-class agent
-ti, aff. 1st person singular agent
-tö, aff. 2nd plural agent
-u, aff. 3rd person human singular agent
-urmi, aff. person associated with the noun
-xet, aff. as it turns out, end up
-xi, aff. immediate future
-y, aff. 3rd person human paucal agent
=net, aff. thus
=ts, aff. too
=um, aff. but
=ux, aff. on the other hand
a-, aff. preverb: has a vague meaning of "in/to"
aak, n. younger brother
aal, n. type of vegetable resembling an olive or a jolpai; can be eaten fresh or pickled
aankei, n. doctor
aap, v. empty
aap, g, v. empty (stth)
aap, muk- g, v. to make room (on some linear thing)
abap, v. eighth
ac, n. younger sister
, v. ripe
adž, v. hurt (someone)
aik, v. rich
ailaköö, n. soapstone
ajjō, interj. O! (use this when calling someone)
ala, n. wasteland, land where nobody lives, unclaimed land, জঙ্গল

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