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v. to feel sorry for, to pity, to regret
-aav-, aff. can
-be, aff. 3rd person animal singular agent
-beŋ, aff. 3rd person animal paucal agent
-dža, aff. instrument, tool
-g-, aff. causative verb
-ha, aff. 2nd person singular agent
-hti-, aff. water
-impa, adv. just (number) of them.
-in, n. inanimate nominalizer
-isi, aff. immediate future
-iz, aff. cessative marker on motion verbs
-kei, n. agentive
-la-, aff. inchoative series marker
-li, aff. 3rd person y-class paucal agent
-mara, n. augmentative suffix
-mu, aff. 1st person paucal agent
-nu (219928), aff. diminutive suffix
-nu (229500), aff. 3rd human plural agent
-ny-, aff. should
-nö, aff. 1st plural agent
-ren, aff. be time, "it is time"
-ru, aff. 2nd person paucal agent
-s, aff. 3rd person singular y-class agent
-ti, aff. 1st person singular agent
-tö, aff. 2nd plural agent
-u, aff. 3rd person human singular agent
-urmi, aff. person associated with the noun
-xet, aff. as it turns out, end up
-xi, aff. immediate future
-y, aff. 3rd person human paucal agent
, aff. 3rd person x-class paucal agent
=net, aff. thus
=ts, aff. too
=um, aff. but
=ux, aff. on the other hand
a-, aff. preverb: has a vague meaning of "in/to"
aak, n. younger brother
aal, n. type of vegetable resembling an olive or a jolpai; can be eaten fresh or pickled
aankei, n. doctor
aap, v. empty
aap, g, v. empty (stth)
aap, muk- g, v. to make room (on some linear thing)
abap, v. eighth
ac, n. younger sister
adž, v. hurt (someone)
aik, v. rich
ailaköö, n. soapstone
ajjō, interj. O! (use this when calling someone)
ala, n. wasteland, land where nobody lives, unclaimed land, জঙ্গল
alia, n. flowers
als, v. green
alsmoci, n. verdigris
alsui, n. peridot
alsuiköö, n. olivine
alzzik, n. malachite
ameen, n. family
ami, n. later
anau, v. sixth
andže, adv. this year
ani, misc. quotative marker; begins a quotation
antaš, z. some
anteiwatspa, n. anteiwat calendar
antixdarma, adv. in my opinon
apa, n. page
apasta, n. book
ar, n. child
ari, z. Four.
arv, v. be worth something
arv, faa-, v. deserve
aré, interj. darn, expression of frustration
as, v. big (of objects)
as, dž g, v. brag about
asii, v. funny
assel, n. animal
ast, v. melt
ast, ku-, v. dissolve
ast, liu-, v. smelt
ast. cam-, v. thaw
aust, v. fuck; to have sex
aust, ğaa-, v. rape
ava, v. to move counterclockwise
ava, g, v. unscrew
ava-, aff. counterclockwise
awkan, n. war
azá, interj. come on, let's go
, v. ripe
baal, v. raid
baax, n. bread (flatbread)
bana, v. babble
bar, v. search, look for
beg, n. eye
bek nawum, n. realgar
bens, n. trash
bi-, aff. eye
bihiru, n. eyelash
bilom, n. eye crust, ketur, sleep
bin, v. full
bin, jom-, v. crowded
bis, adv. tomorrow
bize, n. lake

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