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An alternate history Earth setting, with the first significant recorded departure point being in the 4th Century BC of Western Europe (ie where a timeline of historical events would begin to differ from our timeline).

An Endug Miscellany A selection of differences a student of history might note between our world and Endug, to 1500AVC.
An Endug Miscellany, part 2 Continuing the selection, from 1500AVC to 2100AVC.
Evropa The lands north of the Mesogeian Sea's shores.
Lands Majjára Having thrown off their mother city's yoke centuries ago, the former lands of Carthage in the middle of Ḥabrita are now ruled by the fractuous but effective House Majjára.
Libwa Containing not only the grand powers of Egypt and Carthage, but also the vast lands to their south, home to jungle, dry plains, and to the curious state of the Osmanlï.
The Red Coast Originally a lawless haven from the Majjáran strictures on the shores of southern Ḥabrita once the colonial relationship with Carthage was broken, the Red Coast has evolved from pirate havens to responsible (city-)states, with the crown jewel being the great city of Christrage.
Ḥabrita Ḥabrita est divisia in partēs trēs: Ḥabrita Septentriōnālis, Ḥabrita Aequinoctiālis, Ḥabrita Austrālis.

Anadolic Being the last living member of the Indo-European Anatolian language family.
Iberic The native languages of the southern third of the Iberian Peninsula and the majority of the population of the Red Coast.
Illyrian An Indo-European subfamily of the western Balkans.
Scythian The lone member of its branch of Indo-European, Scythian is spoken by the descendants of an evil and bloodthirsty empire which radically changed the path of Mediterrranean and Evropean development.