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Hzdhavaramheli Taura, the World. Another Earth in a parallel universe with various points-of-divergence from our reality that took place in a remote past, making certain life and geographic evolution different from what we know.
Marvellous Realms of Wonder Marvellous Realms of Wonder is part of Syndyktea, the region that engulfs the Phenomena Sea, the most remarkable place of Theknownworld.
Taura Benvinguts a MAART, el Magatzem d'Agombolaments de tot Allò Relacionat amb Taura.
Heŀlesà La llengua arxipelàgica
Perà El sate mestís, cruïlla de llengües
Sate Els gens de l'heŀleu
Tassaleu El perà ben servat

Izambri's Blog

Izambri's troller scale, generated from an isharia discussion and structured from this.

Fortitude required: disincentivising action required in support of any victim that should reasonably be expected to be of below normal fortitude (e.g. children and vulnerable adults).

Minor severity goblin (1.00 to 1.49) / “dont feed the goblin”
Major severity orc (1.50 to 1.99) / “don’t feed the orc”

Fortitude required: Minimal action required in support of any victim that should reasonably be expected to be of normal fortitude (e.g. persons who have little contact with the members of the public).

Minor severity troll (2.00 to 2.49) / “don’t feed the troll”
Major severity barrow-wight (2.50 to 2.99) / “don’t feed the barrow-wight”

Fortitude required: Moderate action required in support of any victim that should not reasonably be expected to be of a person of above normal fortitude (e.g. people who are not in public-facing roles).

Minor severity wraith or nazgûl (3.00 to 3.49) / “don’t feed the wraith” or “don’t feed the nazgûl”
Major severity balrog (3.50 to 3.99) / “don’t feed the balrog”

Fortitude required: Significant action required for any victim that should not reasonably be expected to be of beyond normal fortitude (e.g. people who are not public figures).

Minor severity Sauron (4.00 to 4.49) / “don’t feed the Sauron”
Major severity Melkor (4.50 to 4.99) / “don’t feed the Melkor”
Izambri 5 months ago
The etymology of Anthologica is a matter of occasional family discussion and barfights in the country which arises little to much controversy depending on the mob's mood.

Some scholars have suggested that it comes from ant (eusocial insects of the family Formicidae) + hology "science of holes" + –ica "collection of things (related to the combining root)", so the name would mean "collective scientific study of ant holes". Others suggest that ant– is in fact a short version of anti– "against" used before vowel or h, the toponym thus meaning "collection of (people) against the scientific study of holes".

However other scholars disagree with the aforementioned etymologies and suggest different origins and meanings.
    Professor Twabs suggests that it comes from an– (not) + tho (though) + logic "of logs" + –a (femenine), thus "not female-log-related, though".
Izambri read more (1 comment) · 3 years ago
Janko, jizz time. Here are numbers in some of my conlangs (I'll be updating the list as long as I create or change things):

Sate (protolanguage, reconstructed)
1 mi-na, romanized mina
2 nu-wa, romanized nuwa
3 re-te, romanized rete
4 sa-ra-ta, romanized sarata
5 pa-ra-te-na, romanized paratena
6 gi-sa, romanized gisa
7 ru-u-ma, romanized rūma
8 nu-pu-ja, romanized nupuia
9 ga-du-ra, romanized gadura
10 ne-te, romanized nete

Peran (Middle Peran)
1 minas
2 neuas
3 retas
4 sarta
5 brēnas
6 gisas
7 romas
8 nubeas
9 gaulas
10 netse

1 There are four forms for masculine and femenine, both singular and plural: min, mine, mins, mines (definite) and ont, onde, onts, ondes (indefinite).
2 Two forms, one for the masculine and the other for the femenine: neu, noves
3 Two forms, one for the masculine and the other for the femenine: reu, redes
4 Two forms, one for the masculine and the other for the femenine: sarta, sartes
5 Two forms, one for the masculine and the other for the femenine: brè, brenes
6 gis
7 rom
8 noig
9 gol
10 nez

1 yen
2 senet
3 mirat
4 quedda
5 simzat
6 semest
7 tesseragh
8 awaket-maryegh
9 aket-maryegh
10 maryegh
Izambri 3 years ago

Ex foris

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#isharia / 27-mar-2019
<Play> we might be able to genetically engineer a species of plankton that eats those things and secretes other pollutants that will either evaporate or sink
<Tanaphor> if we want a species to eat a big block of congealed fat why not ask Americans
<Whimemsz> >
<Izambri> hohohohoh
<Tanaphor> Take THAT

#isharia / 28-mar-2019
<tanaphor-work> Naima elves
<Naima> elves are like allah.
<Izambri> Elrond making salaat in the middle of Rivendell when Gandalf and the Dwarves arrive at dusk
<Izambri> such view
<Izambri> and Arwen with a burka fighting the Ringwraiths
<Izambri> very appropriate
<Izambri> Naima dwarves
<Naima> dwarves
<Izambri> Naima hobbits
<Naima> hobbits have five or more vowels and an archiphoneme /ʕ/
<tanaphor-work> Naima dwarf
<Naima> dwarf planets have that too; the discriminating criteria is "having cleared their neighborhood of similar mass objects to be a criminal, yes
<tanaphor-work> CRIMES
<Izambri> criminal Pluto
<Izambri> the rough side of the solar system
<Izambri> Naima Uruk-hai
<Naima> uruk-hai fight at the end of the video has the toilet exploding because they threw in the sodium and flushed down the toilet afterwards. she was nice of course u don't engage w/ goth culture enough imo
<Izambri> hahahah
<Izambri> so good
<tanaphor-work> those vandals
<Izambri> yeah, it's the very concept, it has all it needs to have: Uruk-hai, exploding toilets and goth culture
<tanaphor-work> it works on many levels
<tanaphor-work> The Uruk-hai are orcs, modelled on the barbarian invaders
<tanaphor-work> such as the goths and the vandals
<tanaphor-work> vandals are prone to destroy toilets
<tanaphor-work> it is all connected

#isharia / 30-mar-2019
<tiramisu> https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/03/29/dinosaur-fossils-discovered-day-asteroid-hit-e...
<tiramisu> this is kind of cool
<tiramisu> like apparently these fossils didn't even just starve to death, but they died violently in a rain of fire and brimstone and despair
<Tanaphor> "ouch!"
<tiramisu> I hope some of them were fossilized with facial expressions expressing their shock and terror at their imminent death
<Izambri> their aggrieved and scandalized face expressions for such a rude event
<Tanaphor> tiramisu : Here is a photo of the preserved fossil
<Tanaphor> dinosaur.jpg
<Izambri> One of the dinosaurs saying, seconds before dying, "Oh, dear... That's my third monocle this week"
<tiramisu> they must have felt so betrayed by the Earth that they had loved so much, now giving them up to the violent cruelties of its moodswings
<Izambri> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdCq1rAjLIg
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You can use this one, if you want:

? Izambri Left of the middle
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I don't know where to put this, since we have not started a thread about the kind of stuff I'm going to talk about, and it's quite a niche area of worldbuilding... So I start this new thread with a generic title that, I think, can encompass a wider set of topics.

Well, here we go, I created an article about the archaic concept of the world, this is how some of the archaic peoples of Taura viewed the world and tried to explain it. It's basically a brief description of Taura with an attempt at explaining some of its natural features (the horizon, the spherical (not yet discovered) nature of the planet, some atmospheric and astronomical phenomena, etc.) and the Underworld.
    Still a work in progress.


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