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Marvellous Realms of Wonder Marvellous Realms of Wonder is part of Syndyktea, the region that engulfs the Phenomena Sea, the most remarkable place of Theknownworld.
Taura Laboratori d'idees i taller artesanal. Hi treballem sovint.
Mintani The language of the gods
Naimo An absurd language for an absurd world.
Sate Els gens de l'heŀleu

Izambri's Blog

As with the name Anthologica, the etymology of Isharia is a matter of hotboiling discussions that end in broken families and costly divorces.

Almost all scholars agree that the name is of Swahili origin, from hara "district, quarter" or "to be terribly frightened, to defecate, to purge" + -ishi "to live, to exist; to dwell", thus meaning "place to be terribly frightened" or "poo dwelling", in its primitive form *Haraishi. The elements were reversed shortly after the place was founded as a city, thus becoming Ishihara.
Izambri 7 months ago
Izambri's troller scale, generated from an isharia discussion and structured from this.

Fortitude required: disincentivising action required in support of any victim that should reasonably be expected to be of below normal fortitude (e.g. children and vulnerable adults).

Minor severity goblin (1.00 to 1.49) / “dont feed the goblin”
Major severity orc (1.50 to 1.99) / “don’t feed the orc”

Fortitude required: Minimal action required in support of any victim that should reasonably be expected to be of normal fortitude (e.g. persons who have little contact with the members of the public).

Minor severity troll (2.00 to 2.49) / “don’t feed the troll”
Major severity barrow-wight (2.50 to 2.99) / “don’t feed the barrow-wight”

Fortitude required: Moderate action required in support of any victim that should not reasonably be expected to be of a person of above normal fortitude (e.g. people who are not in public-facing roles).

Minor severity wraith or nazgûl (3.00 to 3.49) / “don’t feed the wraith” or “don’t feed the nazgûl”
Major severity balrog (3.50 to 3.99) / “don’t feed the balrog”

Fortitude required: Significant action required for any victim that should not reasonably be expected to be of beyond normal fortitude (e.g. people who are not public figures).

Minor severity Sauron (4.00 to 4.49) / “don’t feed the Sauron”
Major severity Melkor (4.50 to 4.99) / “don’t feed the Melkor”
Izambri a year ago
The etymology of Anthologica is a matter of occasional family discussion and barfights in the country which arises little to much controversy depending on the mob's mood.

Some scholars have suggested that it comes from ant (eusocial insects of the family Formicidae) + hology "science of holes" + –ica "collection of things (related to the combining root)", so the name would mean "collective scientific study of ant holes". Others suggest that ant– is in fact a short version of anti– "against" used before vowel or h, the toponym thus meaning "collection of (people) against the scientific study of holes".
Izambri read more (1 comment) · 4 years ago

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Long years have passed like swift draughts since we saw you on Middle-earth. Farewell, thief of magic rings! Anxious guardian of mystical stones! Sleeper android of obscure goals! Hellish masonic ripper!

Maybe thou shalt find Valimar! Maybe even thou shalt find it! Farewell!

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Danzi tresturn as Ghisomand Faritzeu!
Long live the Galactic Empire!

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quoting warbear, Foreigner, St Petersburg, Russia:
Every time I try to upload an avatar I recieve an error message. What should I do?
And yes, it's still impossible to write to Rhetorica.

Hello warbear, welcome to Anthologica (Annie, for friends).

Queen Rhetorica seems to have disappeared for a few days, so I suggest you to be patient. I had problems to upload avatar images in the past, and the problem I had is that I tried to upload .png images that were a little too heavy, it seems. If you were trying to upload a .png image, I suggest you to upload the same image but in .jpg format.

If that isn't the problem, or you still have problems uploading the avatar, I suggest you to wait a little more!

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Wandering rhapsode that appears intermittently at random places. 100% hairless tongue. Cosmos formatter for literary purposes.

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