Thus Ends Spring
2014-06-17 02:25:32
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Thus Ends Spring

A lot of things have happened this past month—Anthologica passed 2000 forum posts, 50 registered users, and 8000 words! For those of you who don't regularly peruse the forums in detail, here's a summary of some of the things that have been going on, both in the community and in site development.[snip]

We now have a full Reference department, replacing the previous paltry help page. This includes the old help page (now at Beginner FAQ), but has been expanded to include conlanging reference material such as a guide on how to create vowel systems (by Nortaneous, dhok, and others) and a slowly-growing collection of natlang dictionaries. Everyone is invited to help out, and you can get involved just by checking out the forum thread.

Statistics! The forum history page now lists post counts for users as well, so you can see how much you've been contributing to the forums. Similarly, the Languages page includes a list of "busiest lexicographers." Further, Universes now list a few statistics about themselves on the index page and on their main page. This latter list can be turned off by a checkbox on the universe's edit page for those who want a cleaner look.

A dark theme! Check out Settings to switch to it. Ideal for those long, late nights when your melatonin says no... but your heart says yes.

An inflection field for dictionary entries. When the SCA is finished later this summer, it will automatically fill this in for you based on tags and the headword; in the mean time, you can populate it with whatever you wish.

dhok has started a new Diplomacy game on the forums. Diplomacy is similar to Risk, but more intensely political (as the name suggests); you can see the rules here. They're still looking for one or two more players, so if you have spare time, consider joining!

Gravatar support has been added—for all zero of you who happened to have a account but didn't provide us with a picture of yourselves. (Remember—having an avatar means you're a good person!) There have also been a couple of other avatar changes, such as true thumbnailing and PNG support.

Embedding of YouTube videos... for those of you who felt you needed embedded YouTube videos. (This, too, can be disabled in Settings.) The settings page also lets you disable various sections of the front page, for faster loading and hiding stuff you don't check often. (You monster.)

That's all for now—happy worldsmithing!
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6 years ago
I think some celebration is in order. Izambri, where is the cava?
6 years ago
*licks the cheese*
6 years ago
Yay! Lets' celebrate it!

6 years ago
The spring never ends.
6 years ago
I think you mean September.
6 years ago
Hey, I used the Gravatar support for a little while! That makes 1 (in words: one) user.
6 years ago
omfg i can tell the board to render itself in century gothic. or helvetica. or whatever.

i'm confused about how excited i am about this moderately irrelevant little feature. YAY!