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This is a crosspost from the ZBB, because I think I done wrote something good and it would be madness to leave it languishing in C&CQ. It is, in effect, a practical extension of the first sermon.
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It has occurred to me that my original Heterodoxy post has a problem: it's targeted primarily at people who already somewhat know what they're doing. Heck, it's pretty much a post to tell myself to be less silly.

So here is a bit of presumably even less controversial (should I rename this series "Orthodoxy"?) advice to people who are either starting out or have managed to avoid learning for a long time.  (…)
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I was lying in bed yesterday thinking about things like this, so I'mma write it down. There will be sequels on the finer points, but anyway have a bit of basic RPG combat typology.  (…)
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? Hallow XIII Primordial Crab
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? Hallow XIII Primordial Crab
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quoting Hallow XIII, 子:

Plain Stopptk
Voiced Stopbddʒ~tʃɡ
Resonantvr lj

The vowels are a e i o u plus length.

A slight update! There is now also /ʎ/, spelt ly, and <j> is now [dʒ~ʒ], with no voiceless allophone. As for the vowels, there are the diphthongs /ai au ei ou oi ui/ plus the short (monomoraic) diphthongs /ŏi ŭi/, spelt <ai au ei ou ōi ūi oi ui>.
? Hallow XIII Primordial Crab
posts: 494
, 巴塞尔之子
This post uses the orthography rather than IPA because I’m on my phone and X-SAMPA is unreadable

Before /i/, the coronals /t d n l r/  palatalized to /č j ny ly n/. Before /y/, the same happened, except that (in the “standard” dialect, i.e. the one I write in) /ry/ stated unchanged. č later merged into š in all positions, and /y/ dropped after palatals. Clusters of /ny ly/ + /y/ were later restored by the shift of prevocalic /g/ to /y/ after palatals and /i/, which rule remains synchronically active: kony-gam > konyyam.

The dropping of /y/ before /i/ restored /r/ in that position: *yayri > yēni, *amuryin > amurin.

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