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This is a crosspost from the ZBB, because I think I done wrote something good and it would be madness to leave it languishing in C&CQ. It is, in effect, a practical extension of the first sermon.
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It has occurred to me that my original Heterodoxy post has a problem: it's targeted primarily at people who already somewhat know what they're doing. Heck, it's pretty much a post to tell myself to be less silly.

So here is a bit of presumably even less controversial (should I rename this series "Orthodoxy"?) advice to people who are either starting out or have managed to avoid learning for a long time.  (…)
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I was lying in bed yesterday thinking about things like this, so I'mma write it down. There will be sequels on the finer points, but anyway have a bit of basic RPG combat typology.  (…)
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Ex foris

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Old Inggirian Verbal Morphology (Part 1)
(crosspost from my universe, boo)

The inflectional verbal morphology of Old Inggirian divides itself, albeit not neatly, into three sets of forms: bound forms, nominal forms and finite forms. Finite forms are those forms that carry personal marking, and nominal forms are those which may head the body of a relative clause. The finite forms, apart from being the only ones to carry personal marking, may only appear at the end of a sentence or clause. The nominal forms, although frequently employed, especially in later texts, as medial verb forms to the (progressively rarer) finite forms ending a sentence, all have nominal or adnominal functions to some degree. The remaining forms all essentially act as adverbs, and thus are called bound forms.

The Finite Forms

The finite forms essentially occupy a 2x2 matrix:

No f. reference-∅-ki
Fixed reference-ne-sin

The precise meaning of these categories, although convenient for analysis, requires explanation.

The Aorist

The aorist is the unmarked form. Its semantic value is simply the assertion of some state or action. Pragmatically, this most often translates to a future or present interpretation, but the aorist can be used where the use of the "past" -ne is rendered superfluous by context. It has no aspectual interpretation.

The Subjunctive

The subjunctive, similar to the aorist, has no fixed temporal reference, but simply indicates full or partial non-assertion. Its use is therefore very wide. It occurs in complement phrases, especially to verbs of quotation or fearing. It can indicate that the speaker is unsure, for instance because he has inferred the information being communicated. Finally, it can indicate a state of potentiality.

The Past

The past (which is quite misleadingly named) is an asserted form that carries fixed reference to some point of time. When context does not specify a time period, the default interpretation is a past time reference. However, it is grammatical also to use this form in any other time context. In these situations, its use over the aorist is usually conditioned by the presence of a subclause that refers to a different time.

The Conditional

The conditional is the non-asserted counterpart to the past, and derives its name from the unusual counterfactual construction of Old Inggirian, in which the protasis is a finite verb in the conditional and the apodosis a nominalization in the infinitive. On its own it may fulfill similar functions as the subjunctive, but with a past time reference (such as a sort of potential-in-the-past).

The Personal Desinences

Old Inggirian has a very pedestrian set of finite personal endings, distinguishing three persons and two numbers.

? Hallow XIII Primordial Crab
posts: 475
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I think it is again time to look for something else to put on the front page! Current strong contender is Comrade Twabs' entry into the Heterodoxy Series of conlanging advice, which gets my vote. However, since his work has graced the front page for several months already, alternatives are of course very solicited.
? Hallow XIII Primordial Crab
posts: 475
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