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This is a crosspost from the ZBB, because I think I done wrote something good and it would be madness to leave it languishing in C&CQ. It is, in effect, a practical extension of the first sermon.
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It has occurred to me that my original Heterodoxy post has a problem: it's targeted primarily at people who already somewhat know what they're doing. Heck, it's pretty much a post to tell myself to be less silly.

So here is a bit of presumably even less controversial (should I rename this series "Orthodoxy"?) advice to people who are either starting out or have managed to avoid learning for a long time.  (…)
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I was lying in bed yesterday thinking about things like this, so I'mma write it down. There will be sequels on the finer points, but anyway have a bit of basic RPG combat typology.  (…)
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Ex foris

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I dig this
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some more "poetry" of questionable metricity, but it's An Text in... Old Inggirian? I need some better name for this thing. Anyway.

Hear Pegerin
The bravery of the soldiers Torokuwag̃ naraguwag̃
Who fought Toroku jirireg̃
For the bearer of a crown Gapurwag̃ dusarummat
That should no longer rule Gapur nija ga cirgeneg̃
For the honor of a people Temulwag̃ pi bedolmat
That should no longer thrive Temul nija ga tug̃ayneseg̃
For the names of gods Seg̃irwag̃ pi ammamat
That should no longer be worshipped Seg̃ir nija ga lamukenseg̃
Forgotten entombed Kucaga boyordag
They lie here Nereyaw tacaseg̃
Proud bones Remomere upuray
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Feram kumimîth ku rhûn ittsak "homs" "homoios" anjind tûm kare?
feramthus kumimiask-i-IRR-th2s.SBJV kuif rhûnancestry it-DEF-tsakword "homs""homs" "homoios""homoios" ang-be-i-IRR-nd-3s.SBJV tûmNEG kareASSUMP
If you're asking like that I assume it's not "homoios".

i have no idea what to do about this lang

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