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Terra Mala The assorted collection of concountries, concultures, and conlangs created by bloodbath.
Ilian A semi-agglutinating language designed originally as an experiment.
Telèmor A language with a Romance base and vocabulary from everywhere.

Bloodbath's Workshop

In continuing my revisiting of old projects, I decided to re-do the design for the Telemor entry visa.

And, because reasons, how about a pic of it in action, along with some stamps:
bloodbath 4 months ago
Due to a confluence of various things, I decided to start revisiting some old art projects. And by art, well, I mean banknotes. Hence, here's some preliminary output for redesigning Telemor banknotes:


The big change here is I decided to have all the notes be polymer. Having a mix of paper and polymer is a bit strange, and I only know of Singapore, México, and the UK where this is the case. Plus, polymer tends to be more durable and counterfeit-resistant overall, so it seemed like a good choice (and logical one the Telemor government would take).

This also gives me practice with playing with polymer notes, and I'm more than happy to experiment and see what works in that regard. (Because reasons.)
bloodbath 5 months ago
Decided to resize and redo one of the visas I designed. Hence, voilà:

bloodbath a year ago

Ex foris

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Sa șeptezila anteseda revinir d'un depaja èa Jiapan per un conferența siènțin și per delle conje. Fuissi un depaja amuzanta, mè sèie encareu fatiju. Sèie asse euruso c̦e nè fata zeru c̦orvo èo Lucsemborgo.
I just got back last week from a trip to Japan for a conference and vacation. It was a fun trip, but I'm still rather tired. I'm also happy it's not very hot here in Luxembourg.
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I figured that a dedicated thread for the most important 5-letter word of all (MONEY) might be a nice thing. Hence, here's a place for showing off some of your monetary creations for your conworlds and the like, especially if it's/they're quite different in structure from most "modern" financial systems.

Anyways, of course, with me starting, I have a few recent-ish things to share:
Telèmor 50 franc (~USD 65)
Telèmor 100 franc (~USD 130)
Ilian 250 dénar (~USD 6)
Ilian 10000 dénar (~USD 240)
Oshaharu currency: pyéw, divided into 20 . Official rate is OSP 0.85 (17 ) per Telèmor franc, but the black market rate is quite different. (Closer to OSP 28-30 per franc.)
in thread: Money Thread
? bloodbath Physics Student/Amateur Artist
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Went to a concert about a week and change ago, so this is still in my head from that:

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