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? twabs fair maiden
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<Cev> Wanna go gang thuggin' with me?
<pharazon> hello
<Cev> you know, we can drive down some neighborhood like East Los Angeles or Compton
<Cev> listening to 90s gangsta rap hip hop loudly
<Cev> Possibly shoot people
<pharazon> i just got back from that :\
<Cev> ah ok
<Cev> Wanna knit instead then?

<Legion> what's the imgur for txt again
<Legion> pastbin
<Legion> thanks Legion
<Legion> why you're welcome Legion

<tiramisu> Holy shit. The Senate has censured Elizabeth Warren for accusing Jeff Sessions of using his office "to chill the vote of black citizens."
<Cevf> I've tried reading that sentence 4 times now and each time I've gotten too bored halfway through to finish
<Cevf> Holy shit indeed

<dhok> there's a possum that lives under the deck in front of my apartment
<dhok> i'd seen it a few days ago but it skittered
<dhok> this evening it ran a little bit away but wasn't terrified of me and eventually disappeared into the space under the deck
<Diogenes> servus
<ayyub> found the possum