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Today we bring you (a) universe groups—the ability to let more people work with you on a universe—and (b) universe attachments—preferably images, you can now upload up to 50 files per universe. Recursive wiki articles are currently being tested and can be expected soon, with more room for more attachments.
News 5 years ago
A verb. (…)
Nessari read more (3708 bytes) · 5 years ago
The user profiles have been massively overhauled into a content-centric format. Now you can quickly see what everyone's been up to!

Future changes may include a public message wall, private messaging, and a contributions list, showing whenever a document is modified.
News 5 years ago
From now on, when creating a dictionary you'll have to set up its list of parts of speech. To do this, simply go to the edit page (under the dictionary title at the top) and click "Save". If you want to change the supported parts, simply modify the list. The names on the right will be abbreviated to the values on the left, and they will appear in the language dropdown as ordered. This update extends to the Dictionary Importer, which has also been updated to fix name collision issues between dictionaries.
News 5 years ago
See, it has a title and everything!
Šaol read more (2 comments) · 5 years ago
It's not done, it's not pretty, but it's slightly better (in most ways) than just using MediaWiki: it's Atlas Universes! Stay tuned for actual usable features, coming soon.
News 5 years ago
Our forums, Academia, have been developing well. Come check them out!
News 5 years ago
Note: I found my oooooold Kanaši names document, and have worked most of the info in this post into it here. Not everything's there, but it's not all applicable to that specific subject so some stuff was cut. It's still canon, I'm just trying to keep the off-topic rambling in my documents down to a dull roar.

I feel like showing a half-written note of an idea. Not entirely sure why, something to do with my thought processes. Here goes nothing... (…)
Nessari read more (2129 bytes) · 5 years ago
Yaaay I figured out a basic image manipulation action! *is happy*
Nessari 5 years ago
I was not expecting this. Or the entry existing on creation, not waiting for any content to be added. Newness!

Nessari read more (2 comments) · 5 years ago
See here for the applier, now in development.
News 5 years ago
This is ATLAS. That is a temporary name. Maybe.
News 5 years ago

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