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wăf, conj. moreover, furthermore, what is more; and, too, also; even
wɔr, conj. and then, next, afterwards
wrɔm, nm. vulture
xăf, nm. palm of hand; good will, good intentions, well-meaning
xălloθ, nf. young woman
xămmʷin, nm. cumin
xáwəs, nm. sheep, or ram specifically
xen, part. so, thus; yes
xɛšf, nm. silver
xfor, nm. town
xi, conj. because, for that reason, since, that
xlɛθ, adv. all the time, always
xlil, nm. entire, whole; entirely, completely
xmo, prep. like, as
xnof, nm. pinion
xɔpp, nm. dog
xɔ́rəm, nm. vineyard
xɔyyoθ, nf. kidney
xppen, adj. hunchbacked; hunchback
xttun, nm. shawl, scarf
xʷen, nm. sorcerer, necromancer
xʷon, part. emphatic particle
xʷɔḷ, adv. all, every, each; any
xʷššaš, nf. any cereal (wheat, etc)
xʷšše, nm. authority, power, right; (with possessive suffix) X first, X's turn
xʷudon, nm. horse
xʷuxob, nm. star
xθef, nm. neck
yăbdel - yăbdil, vC. divide, keep apart, keep separate
yabʷeb - yabʷib, vC. bring, take, lead
yăbθădel - yăbθădil, vCt. separate self, keep self apart; withdraw, remove self
yăḍbeq - yăḍbiq, vC. put together, combine, join together
yadel - yadil, vC. make stop, conclude, bring to an end/close, make finish
yadem - yadim, vC. silence; mute (a TV, etc)
yader - yadir, vC. enlarge, make bigger
yades - yadis, vC. renew
yădle - yădliyă, vC. fill with, put into, add
yafex - yafix, vC. change into, turn into, make become (adj or n)
yăgdel - yăgdil, vC. magnify, enlarge; make great
yagen - yagin, vC. cover; apply poultice
yăgle - yăgliyă, vC. exile
yăgθădel - yăgθădil, vCt. magnify self
yăm, nm. sea, ocean
yamem - yamim, vC. heat/warm ST, make hot
yamen - yamin, vC. think, believe
yar, nm. tree bark
yašer - yašir, vC. deprive of, withhold from
yasex - yasix, vC. darken, blacken, make dark, black
yăšxer - yăšxir, vC. remind, mention; record
yăšθăxer - yăšθăxir, vCt. remind self, remind EO

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